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Get off your ass and vote on October 14

This Magazine Staff

I’m still recovering from keeping up with the antics of last night’s leadership debate (“Where are you hiding your platform?” Layton prodded Harper. “Under the sweater?” Just one of the many, many highlights from last night’s festivities, which can be viewed at CBC online.) so for today I’m going to take a break from policy and propaganda and focus on something else.
It’s no secret that less than two-thirds of Canadians of voting age will be hitting the polls on October 14th, and as shameful as that is, the Toronto Star reported today that less than a quarter of youth under 25 vote. When it comes to those who just reached the age of majority, the numbers drop even lower.
That is over two million people that could be voting that are not. That could make or break the election. That could push Dion or Layton into the PMO or push Harper into a majority government. Whether you’re lazy, uninformed or just planning on falling into a turkey coma, get out there and vote.
If you don’t want to pull on your turkey pants and venture out the day after Thanksgiving (which also happens to be a Jewish holiday), then don’t. Vote today. Or tomorrow. Or Monday.
The Young Greens of Canada are calling today, the first day of advance polls (October 4 and 6, also), Youth Voter Day 2008. Check out the website for solid instructions on how to vote quickly and easily. If you’re a student living away from home, you don’t have to worry about trekking it back, you can simply vote where you’re living now (residence, student ghetto, whatever.)
But before you do that, go and educate yourself on what each party is promising (or, in Harper’s case, not promising) and then just do it.
Then again, I’m just one little person hiding behind an online handle. Don’t want to listen to me? I wouldn’t want to listen to me either, so here are some celebrities advocating the vote, after the jump.

Granted, these are all regarding the American election, but they still serve a pretty good purpose.
Check out Michael Moore’s new movie, Slacker Uprising, which follows the filmmaker as he tries to inspire university and college students to vote in the 2004 election. You can download it for free, too.
Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio urging you to vote by using some reverse psychology. Ohhh…tricky.

For those of you that don’t care about washed up actors, here’s Florida punk band Against Me! telling you to vote:

And finally, Christina Aguilera’s spot for Rock the Vote. She’s pretty hot, right? Do what she says.

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