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If You Could Ask Any Question…

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Sorry to be so late with today’s blog entry but I was just so exhausted from attending last night’s taxpayer-subsidized arts gala that I fell asleep in my couture gown and didn’t awaken until after noon.
Then it was time for me to review my social obligations for the upcoming week. As usual, my schedule is jammed-pack – an interpretative dance performance on Saturday, a book launch on Monday, a pro-choice on rally on Wednesday. But on Thursday, October 2, I’m going to plop myself down on my couch and, just like an ordinary person, turn on the TV because that’s the night of the leaders’ debate.
Did you know that you can submit a question to this email address [email protected] in hopes of having debate host Steve Paikin pose it during the debate? I think that’s kind of fun idea. I realize that Paikin’s probably only going to ask something like three email-submitted questions and that at least one of them will be some sort of cutesy “If you were a province or territory which province or territory would you be?” type thing but I still think that figuring out what question you’d want to hear asked is a great exercise.

Over the past few days, the various arts-and-culture-related discussion lists and groups that I belong to have been asking members to submit questions about arts and arts funding. Given Harper’s current hate-on for the arts, this makes sense. But to be completely honest, I’m much more concerned about Harper’s environmental policies than his treatment of the arts. After all, screwing over the arts just leaves the country bland and boring but screwing over the environment leaves us… well, how apocalyptic do you want to get?
But while I know without a doubt what topic my debate question will be about, I haven’t quite figured out how to say it without sounding over-dramatic or using some version of the phrase “WTF”. (Hey, have you read Zoe Cormier’s column in this month’s issue? Read it and you’ll be depressed about our planet too.) While I realize that it’s unlikely my question will be asked, I’d like to give a fair shot or at least make it clear to the debate organizers that this Canadian (ordinary person or not) wants the subject of the environment to get its fair share of questions.
Do any of you out there in cyberspace have a question you plan on submitting? Or maybe you’re stuck like me, with a topic but no exact question yet?

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