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The world’s most powerful blogs, Starbucks gets caught stealing from the tip jar, Look out! Cyclists!

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The Guardian gives a list of the 50 most powerful blogs in the world. These blogs are SO powerful they can overthrow nations (probably not), change the economy (highly unlikely) and uhm, kill lots of your free time (yep).
40 years ago Robert Kennedy gave a speech which outlined flaws with the idea of the gross national product, the measuring stick for economic growth. The GNP (nowadays we use GDP as the measure, but it’s not any better) is flawed. But things might be changing.

Starbucks outlets in California got caught pinching tips and giving it to shift supervisors! The company will have to pay around $100-million . Some poor baristas will actually be getting thousands of dollars in tips!
Now that spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, and the ice and snow is slowly (very slowly) melting remember, watch out for cyclists!

Video via Transport for London’s website.

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