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Weekend links: Bears!, William Gibson, Futbol

This Magazine Staff

The above items have absolutely nothing in common except for the fact I find them entertaining.
Author William Gibson’s new book has been getting pretty good press, but the folks at Boing Boing calls this Washington Post interview one of the best they’ve read.
We have to admit that we’re not big soccer fans but we can get behind the Homeless World Cup. Teams made up of homeless and formerly homeless from all over the world get a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country. According to organizers more than 70% of participants find homes, get off drugs. We bet that all of them make new friends and gain a lot of dignity. Inspiring.
Finally, from the duo who brought you Monkey Portraits…. Bears! These are probably not Colbert-approved.
An extra link this week. Our friends over at Spacing have expanded their blog into our second-favourite city, Montreal!

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