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NY Times columnist takes you to Africa

This Magazine Staff

NY Times columnist Nick Kristof wants to take you to Africa. No this won’t be some cushy first-class vacation. Kristof wants to show you, first-hand, the devastation that international ignorance, war, disease and famine has wracked on parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.
This is apparently the second time in a row that he’s done this. This year he’s even partnered up with Myspace to try to reach out to that apathetic college demographic. I want to commend Kristof for doing this, a lot of journalists lament on how those of us in the West ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world. Kristof goes the extra mile in trying to do something about that apathy. Good for him.
Sadly the contest is only open to Americans. But if one of our large national newspapers want to run a contest like this I’ll promote it to the rooftops.
You can also read the blog of last year’s winner Casey Parks.

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