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Commitment to sustainability or smogscreen?

This Magazine Staff


One of Andrew Potter’s comments on the Liberal convention was bang-on:

A party that did sweet bugger all about Kyoto for 13 years, despite possessing three bulletproof majorities, will now elect a leader whose overriding agenda will be to save the Earth from the CO2 depradations of Americans and Stephen Harper. I can’t imagine they’ll get away with it, but you never know. At any rate, that is pretty much all any of them talked about in any substantial manner.

And now they’ve elected Stéphane Dion. The likely next Prime Minister of the country, he was so vocal about the environment during the campaign he almost seemed like a one-issue candidate. But as environment minister under Paul Martin, he didn’t accomplish much. I don’t doubt he means what he says (and the fact that he named his husky Kyoto will probably play well in other countries, even if it means very little), but I wonder how much he can accomplish on what he calls the defining issue of our time.

I hope this time the Liberals are serious about sustainable development, I really do. If I see any proof of it, I might even consider voting for them.


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