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Democrats assume power, and blame

This Magazine Staff

A nasty, I believe Republican, stomach virus had me lying wretchedly in bed watching almost 24 hours of non-stop American election coverage recently — alternating between CNN and CBCNewsworld (I like that Henry Champ — good suits). It’s an experience I cannot recommend, even for the natural audience of this blog, who would have been greatly relieved with the American voting results. Please, Stephen Harper, say something controversial so I can turn my attention back to Canada.
Anyway, here’s the most interesting Canadian response to the American midterms I’ve seen so far — Andrew Coyne’s throw to David Warren’s blog piece about how the Democratic Congress is now going to, if I understand this correctly, turn Iraq into a new Vietnam. That was fast.
My favorite part is Warren’s point about how, once the Democrats screw up all of GWB’s beautiful planning on Iraq, “The Americans will have cut and run after enduring less than one-twentieth of the casualties they suffered in Vietnam…”
Clearly, one-twentieth is for pussies.

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