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Standing up for Canada…

This Magazine Staff

…against the views of his own supporters. Today I salute Stephen Harper.

from one of the mob at Blogging Tories:
It would be surprising and out of character if Sheila Copps took seriously the evolving crisis between our western culture and Islam. Surprising, because if she did she might have to shoulder some of her party’s responsibility for its headlong rush to embrace multiculturalism and the subsequent development of isolated ideological ghettoes. Out of character, because she might have to admit that a poorly assessed policy of wholesale acceptance of all cultures, might eventually lead to social indigestion.
And from Prime Minister Harper’s recent speech celebrating the 59th anniversary of Indian independence:
As Canadians, we are fortunate to live in a country which embraces the many cultures of the world. Our ability to be proud Canadians while respecting our differences is what makes us unique, and has earned us the admiration of other nations.
Well said, Mr. Harper. Hope it doesn’t lose you any votes.

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