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the “I’m just saying” UPDATE

This Magazine Staff

So, the Toronto Star editorial board heard it wrong. This from Michael Ignatieff in the Globe & Mail this morning:
“Let’s be clear: I am planning to run in the next election in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. I love being an MP and I’ve enjoyed it enormously and I’m looking forward to doing it again,” Mr. Ignatieff said.
He added that, whoever wins the leadership race, he will do whatever he can to help him or her defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the next election.
Asked why he didn’t say that when the Star first asked, Mr. Ignatieff said he considered hypothetical questions about his political future should he lose the leadership contest to be moot.
“I feel I have good reason to believe I’m ahead in the race and I plan to win. So the hypothetical is not going to arise.”
Okay then, THAT sounds much more reasonable. I will continue to write letters to my dedicaterd MP, secure in the knowledge that our public shorelines and air quality are foremost on his mind.

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