As of March 2014, This Magazine only accepts applications for internships supported by post-secondary institutions in Canada. Please contact us for more information if you have any questions about whether you qualify.

Why be a This intern?

This Magazine is an exciting place to be. Our interns are able to see the entire process of putting together the magazine, from researching stories to newsstand marketing campaigns. Because the magazine has a small staff, interns at This Magazine are given a substantial amount of responsibility. The small staff also means that self-motivated interns will benefit most from the program. Past interns have gone on to positions at the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine, Xtra, Saturday Night, enRoute, Canadian Forum, Precedent, Quill & Quire, Columbia Journalism School, Reuters, the CBC, editorial or communications positions at book publishers and non-profits, and more.

What This interns do

Part of our mandate as a magazine is to foster the next generation of writers, reporters, photographers, illustrators, poets, and editors. So the interns work with the editor and publisher to make almost every aspect of the magazine happen. They help with the creative, administrative and yes, sometimes even the menial tasks necessary to putting out a national magazine. You’ll get a chance to help with assessing story ideas, fact checking, copy editing and proofreading, event planning, fundraising and learning how to run a magazine on a shoestring budget.

The internship also provides a chance to sharpen your writing skills. Bylines are expected, both in print and online. Additionally, you will be given an opportunity to learn and practice key research skills (reporting, library and online background research, and more) that will serve you well for a career in magazine publishing.

The work as an intern is plentiful and varied, and so is the range of skills and aptitudes needed: the ability to produce snappy, sharp writing for stories and press releases, patience for the detail-oriented world of fact-checking and circulation, and the financial savvy necessary to pull together an event with next to no budget. And of course, publishing a small, independent magazine requires an ability to take risks and work under the pressure of deadlines.

Interns often take on projects in their own area of interest, after getting a taste for each of the areas of magazine publishing. In addition, interns will help prepare for board meetings, help with display writing (headlines and coverlines), customer service, sorting mail, updating subscriber files, running errands and some tasks like envelope-stuffing—but no coffee-fetching!

How to apply

Send us a package, containing the following:

  1. Your resume.
  2. A cover letter, stating when you are available and explaining why you would like to be a This Magazine intern. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your concerns and interests, and how your political views affect the way you interact with the media.
  3. Three—five writing samples of published or unpublished editorial or promotional writing you’ve done in the past.

Internship Assignment

Shortlisted applicants are required to complete a short assignment on deadline.

Any other questions?

We accept applications by mail or by email. Our mailing address is 417-401 Richmond St. West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3A8. Please email applications to editor /at/ thismagazine /dot/ ca. Please feel free to ask us your questions about the internship program by calling 416-979-8400 or emailing Lauren at editor at thismagazine dot ca.