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ThisAbility #3: Somewhere Stephen Hawking is drooling (on purpose) right now

This Magazine Staff

Now for those of you who are actually paying attention: Last week, I promised that I would talk about a distinctly able-bodied affliction I’ve noticed called the “Sorry Syndrome”. Well, I’m going to make like the government and put that disability issue on the back burner in favor of something I arbitrarily deem more important […] More »

ThisAbility #2: Human Frogger

This Magazine Staff

You are all afraid. I see the fear wherever I go, it’s in how you move out of the way of my path, six feet ahead of me, before I’m even remotely close to your personal space. It’s in how you carefully shuttle your partner out of harm’s way, as I’m coming down the sidewalk. […] More »

ThisAbility #1: "So, what happened? Did you get in an accident, or something?"

This Magazine Staff

[Editor’s Note: Today we’re launching the first in what will likely become a stable of BLOG.THIS columns. Aaron Broverman will be writing “ThisAbility,” a column about issues of disability. ThisAbility will appear each Tuesday. Look for more soon.] “So, what happened? Did you get in an accident, or something?” No, but this is still ranks […] More »