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As Middle East citizens reclaim their countries, democracy weakens at home

victoria salvas

In Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, even Italy, citizens are rising up, risking their lives to protest their corrupt governments. Egyptians, in a historical event, have proven they can be successful in overthrowing years of dictatorial leadership. Canadians were mostly cheering along (though our government wasn’t), but’s hard to put ourselves in their place—Canada, flawed though it […] More »

The most notable moments from Michaëlle Jean's time as Governor General

simon wallace

Today, David Johnston became the Governor General of Canada, and he’s got big shoes to fill — Michaëlle Jean’s time as the Queen’s representative in Canada was quite a trip, after all. On the occasion of her retirement, we decided to look back at some of the bumps along the way (and don’t worry, we only mention prorogation […] More »

Liveblogging the post-prorogue Throne Speech

Graham F. Scott

Full text of the liveblog: 2:18 PM: We’re watching the Throne Speech online here: 2:19 PM: At the moment the Governor General has arrived outside Parliament and is doing various martial duties. 2:20 PM: Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts as things go along. 2:21 PM: CTV is reporting that the […] More »