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March-April 2010

Three Poems by Jason Camlot

Jason CamlotWebsite

Red Book There is a little red book in which I etch occasions that seemed to matter to us for the sake of a future encounter with engraved instances that will make a boy or girl with something of my genetic structure unknowingly sad. This little red book is a little red bird, lost in […] More »
September-October 2009

Two poems by Lillian Nećakov

Lillian Nećakov

Strolling on borrowed ankles Tapping stones together means you are not a couch potato memories are dividing themselves into other memories atoms of memory memory of atoms the yellow of beauty the groan of wood under your boots along the boardwalk echoing across the Thursday lake to where Andy can feel your heart unravelling like […] More »
September-October 2009

Four Poems by Sandra Ridley

Sandra Ridley

Paraffin & Palm Spilled Salt A bitter of angelica & artichoke with carbolic strengthens & pacifies her body. Or sixpence spent brings up a blood-sweat & blister pops by tonic & suction cups. She’s not bilious but swollen lymphatic. Cracked bone cage filled with paraffin & palm spilled salt. She’s undressed & under wraps — […] More »
May-June 2009

Two Poems by Asher Ghaffar

Asher Ghaffar

Alchemy of Traces There’s a tyrant of a ghost who visited my apartment on Dufferin Street, strangled me with a towel. “I was born before the gold rush, before the flood, before once upon a time. I want to be known in harrowing grief.” In a nightmare, my herm- aphrodite muse whispered, “To lose a […] More »

The New Voice Of Democracy

Jackie Wallace

How poets, not politicians, are politicizing Ottawa youth More »