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Here's what will happen to 5 bills that died when the election was called

This Magazine Staff

We profile five legislative initiatives that died on the docket—and find out which of them will be re-attempted after the election Compiled by Dylan C. Robertson & Victoria Salvas This election means death. Not only have Ottawa scrums, filibusters, and drawn-out committees been killed, pieces of legislation making their way through parliament have all met […] More »

Body Politic #2: Who's really in control of your birth control?

lyndsie bourgon

My doctor and I sat there, blankly staring at one another, wondering where we both went wrong. I was perched beside his desk, asking for a prescription refill for my birth control. “You don’t need to ask me,” he kept saying. “Just call ahead, ask for what you’d like and come pick it up at […] More »


This Magazine Staff

Computers located on the network controlled by pharma giant Abbott Laboratories have made over 1,000 edits to Wikipedia entries about the company and its products—according to WikiScanner, a tool created by 24-year-old scientist Virgil Griffith that analyzes public data about access to the online free-content encyclopedia. Based on the data provided by the software tool, […] More »

Need a place to test your meningitis meds?

This Magazine Staff

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is on the receiving end of criminal charges in Nigeria’s largest state of Kano in the aftermath of what the Nigerian government says was an unethical drug trial. According to a Washington Post report: The government alleges that Pfizer researchers selected 200 children and infants from crowds at a makeshift epidemic camp […] More »

Drugs into bodies, money into pockets

This Magazine Staff

When Big Pharma doesn’t get its way, it takes its toys and goes home. When the “toys” in question are life-saving medications, the results can be grim. People with HIV in Thailand are finding this out first hand. Most medications are protected by 20-year patents that allow a drugmaker the exclusive right to produce them […] More »