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Who tells the inside jokes of the internet?

A deep dive into the world of internet memes and their makers

Julianna Garofalo@juliannagaro

In the seconds after Melania Trump handed Michelle Obama a Tiffany box at the 2017 presidential inauguration, Jason Wong—from breakfast at a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles—raced to rewind the livestream he’d been watching on the Twitter app. “My brain clicked,” recalls the 20-year-old. “I wanted to post about it before anybody else did.” […] More »

Gender Block: I have tits; give me real stuff

Hillary Di Menna

Another just-plain-hilarious-meme is circulating! A picture of a woman, serene expression on her face, arms extended sits above a picture of a man, arms extended, looking to the sky in anguish. On hers it says, “I have tits, give me free stuff” on his, “I have a penis blame me for everything” So funny! Women […] More »