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WTF Wednesday: Canada Day is for fireworks, not the truth

Hillary Di Menna

July 1 is about cottages, fireworks, beer, and the long weekend. As a white person born and raised in Canada, I was taught to believe that Canada Day was a nice summer tradition. Of course, as a kid growing up in the early ’90s, there was no obvious reason to think otherwise. By and large, […] More »

Why blockades are now indigenous to Indigenous issues in Canada

Tim Querengesser

Today, the snow-crusted supply road that winds north of Attawapiskat to the Victor diamond mine has a new blockade, right where the last one was only recently dismantled. Blockades are yet again costing mine-owner De Beers, as well as Canadians, mineral revenues, royalties, and taxes. Unfortunately in Canada, blockade stories typically begin and end like this. […] More »