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November-December 2013

Hashtag Maggie Vandermeer

Nancy Jo CullenWebsite@NancyJoCullen

This piece is one of 13 short stories set to appear in The Journey Prize Stories 26 anthology, available October 7. A huge This congratulations to author Nancy Jo Cullen! At 1:27 a.m. Maggie’s phone blinked and whistled on her bedside table. Startled out of sleep, she knocked the cat off the bed. The grey […]

Anarchy in the nunnery

Hillary Di MennaWebsite@HillaryDiMenna

Across Canada, dozens of nuns, women priests, worshippers, and one female bishop are part of a growing movement to pry the Catholic Church from its patriarchal roots. In its place, they’ll build the world’s most massive vehicle for social justice. Welcome to the fight for a pro-women, pro-gay, pro-liberal Church Near twenty pairs of feet […]

Body talk

This Magazine

Words of wisdom from fat activist Jill Andrew Jill Andrew wants to start a fat revolution. When she was a kid, says Andrew, she used to play around with euphemisms to make herself feel better about her body—PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) was a popular one. “As I grew up,” says Andrew, “I realized, ‘No […]

In defence of the iGeneration

Renée WilsonWebsite

A scientific and anecdotal rumination on why today’s kids are more than all right—they’re the best generation yet I had only been a College professor for three years when Gregory Levey’s controversial and much-discussed magazine piece “Lament for the iGeneration” was published in 2009. I interpreted it as a cautionary tale: if we’re in the […]