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Hundreds of talented contributors have helped create This Magazine over the years. This is a partial list, and please note not all bios will be up to date. If you are one of these contributors and would like your bio updated, please email editor [at] this [dot] org.

Sandra Alland
Sandra Alland is a writer, performer, photographer, translator and activist living in Toronto. Her writing has appeared in zines, journals and anthologies across Canada, the US, Mexico and Bermuda, including dig,Resist! (Fernwood), The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War (Three Squares Press), Ain’t Yer Sisterand Periodico de poesia. Her latest chapbook is Broken Telephone/au telephone.

Maria Amuchastegui
Maria Amuchastegui is a Toronto-based freelance writer who provides a unique Canadian perspective on Latin America. She has written about Mexican migrant workers in Canada, the Canadian mining industry in Guatemala and Canadian tourism in Cuba. (updated September 2010)

Molly Amoli K. Shinhat
Molly Amoli K. Shinhat was born in a small town in central England you’ve probably never heard of. She has worked in film, print and radio. She is a freelance journalists based in Ottawa.

David Anderson
Born in South Africa, David Anderson was an editorial cartoonist for several newspapers in that country before moving with his family to Canada in 1990. He is now a freelance illustrator working out of Toronto. His editorial cartoons and caricatures are syndicated worldwide. An aspiring children’s writer, he is the author of a book of short stories,Whispers from the Bushveld, published in South Africa a year ago. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Doris Anderson
Doris Anderson was editor of Chatelaine magazine for 25 years where she changed it from a conventional to a feminist magazine. She was also a central figure in the fight for a better clause for women in the Charter of Rights. For 10 years she wrote a column for the Toronto Star. She’s written three novels and two non-fiction books and is a Companion of the Order of Canada. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson is a writer from Calgary who lives in Toronto. He is a film critic for Eye Weekly and his arts journalism appears in The Globe and MailToroSaturday Nightand Toronto Life. He plays keyboards in a band called the Two Koreas. His first novel, Showbiz, is now out on ECW Press—producers looking to option it for a screen adaptation can get in touch with the author directly. (Bio updated in December 2005)

Kalli Anderson
Kalli Anderson is a writer, CBC radio journalist and budding shopdropper. She lives in Montreal. (Bio updated in May 2008)

Suzanne Alyssa Andrew
Suzanne Alyssa Andrew is a Toronto-based writer who listens to CBC radio news and current events shows daily. While interviewing sources, she often thinks: What would Anna Maria Tremonti do? (Bio updated in January 2006)

Chris Arsenault
Chris Arsenault is a Maritime-based freelance journalist. He’s currently working on his first book: a history of Agent Orange in Canada. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Alex Aylett
Alex Aylett lives and writes in Vancouver by the sea. His new project on the voices of public transit vehicles has just begun (Bio updated in July 2005)

Anurita (Anne) Bains
Anurita Bains works with Stephen Lewis, supporting him in his work as the UN Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Africa. Prior to that, she lived and worked in South Africa, most recently with Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel. She is a former managing editor of This Magazine. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Wendy Banks
Wendy Banks has written about movies, doctors who juggle and doctors who play in blues bands for publications including NOW Magazine and a trade journal for doctors. Her debut novel, My Feminist Rage: Part 1, awaits composition. (Bio updated in May 2006)

Paul Barnsley
Paul Barnsley is the senior political, legal and social affairs writer forWindspeaker, Canada’s largest and most respected national Aboriginal news publication. He’s based in Edmonton and covers stories of interest to Aboriginal people in every corner of Canada and, occasionally, beyond.

Patchen Barss
Patchen Barss has written about science and the humanities in higher education for more than a decade. He lives in Toronto and sometimes suffers from allergies.

Nadeem Basaria
is a freelance journalist and writes short stories from a coffee shop in Mississauga, Ontario. His first collection of short prose,Momentum, was published by Life Rattle Press in 2004. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Sherry Bennett
Sherry Bennett is a freelance journalist living in Kamloops, B.C. She has just completed a degree in Journalism at the University College of the Cariboo.

Tamara Faith Berger
Tamara Faith Berger’s first novel, Lie With Me, was published by Gutter Press in 2001. Berger co-wrote the screenplay for it with director Clement Virgo, and the film is scheduled to be produced in 2003. “John” is an excerpt from her second novel, Whoredom.

David Bernans
David Bernans is the researcher/archivist for Concordia Student Union, and the author of Con U Inc.: Privatization, Marketization and Globalization at Concordia University (and beyond).

Raymond Biesinger
Raymond Biesinger’s prime fixation is illustration, but he still enjoys writing a piece every once in a while. He’s drawn for The Globe and Mailand Saturday Nightmagazine.

Ken Birchall
I like art with heart in all shapes and sizes, I have no BFA and I think vernissage is a dirty word. If I am not working in policy development, or hands on with an NGO very soon then there is something wrong in Universe and I may have a Syd Barrett moment (provide the two obvious cultural references in this statement to me and you may get a cookie).

Annette Bourdeau
Annette Bourdeau is a Toronto-based business reporter by day and This Magazinehistorian by night. Her love affair with the This Mag archives blossomed in the summer of 2002—the beginning of a three-year stint working for the magazine in which she moved from intern to publishing/editorial assistant to circulation manager. (Bio updated in November 2006)

Mark Bourrie
Inspired by Paul Martin’s re-election and “content repositioning” in Canada’s increasingly corporatized media, Mark Bourrie has signed a contract to write two new books on shipwrecks while returning to university to do his PhD in media history.

Dayna Boyer
Dayna Boyer is a freelance journalist based in Toronto and the assistant editor for She’s written for the Toronto Star,Canadian LivingHomemakers and Shameless. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Steve Brearton
Steve Brearton is a Toronto writer and researcher.

Lauren Bride
Lauren Bride is a student at the University of Toronto. She writes stories, paints and draws, and lives with her parents and 11-year-old sister.

Chandra Bulucon
Chandra Bulucon is the sole proprietor of audio production company Puppy Machine, and an active mixed-media artist. She is also learning the ropes to become a financial advisor. (Bio updated in March 2005)

Clint Burnham
Clint Burnham is a Vancouver writer and teacher. His books include Be Labour Reading (ECW), Airborne Photo (Anvil), Buddyland (Coach House) and, forthcoming from Arsenal Pulp, Smoke Show, a novel. He also writes frequently about art, most recently in Flash Art. (Bio updated in May 2005)

Joyce Byrne
This Magazine’s totally stylin’ former publisher Joyce Byrne began her ascent to fame and world domination when she was born in Ireland, the home of Colin Farrell. She was raised in Whitby, the spawning grounds of Sum 41, and later moved to Toronto—a city that has produced no celebrities of note. Joyce enjoys sci-fi novels and movies, but not sci-fi conventions.

Marilyn Carpenter
Marilyn Carpenter is a former co-op student at This Magazine. She is now travelling across Canada with the Katimavik youth service program.

Lauren Carter
Lauren Carter writes essays, articles, poetry and prose out of a subterranean den in Barrie, Ontario.

Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers is a former literary editor of This Magazine and author of Lake Where No One Swims (Pedlar Press).

Andrea Chiu
Andrea Chiu is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University. Since leaving academia, she has been a reporter forThe Standard in Hong Kong and now lives in Toronto. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Katerina Cizek
Katerina Cizek is an independent documentary-maker based in Toronto. She recently contributed three chapters to a new book, Video for Change, published by Pluto Press in the UK. (Bio updated in December 2005)

Jacqui Clydesdale
Jacqui Clydesdale was a dedicated copy editor, sometime contributor and frequently bewildered reader of fiction contest entries during her days with This; now she’s a mature student at a university in the Maritimes. She hopes you will be generous in your interpretation of the word “mature.”

Daniel Aldana Cohen
Daniel Aldana Cohen has written about politics and culture in Canada and South America for the Toronto StarNOWThe WalrusCorporate Knights and New Internationalist. He’s a co-editor of Notes from Canada’s Young Activists and a contributor to GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto. (Bio updated in May 2008)

Nicole Cohen
Nicole Cohen is the co-founder and co-editor of Shameless—an award-winning feminist magazine for teenage girls—and a graduate student at York University. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Sarah Colgrove
Sarah Colgrove is a freelance writer based in Toronto. She is a gradauate of the McGill Daily school of journalism and an intern at The Walrus.

Sean Condon
Sean Condon is the news reporter with the WestEnder, a Vancouver weekly newspaper. He’s also an editor with the Street Corner, a homeless newspaper, and a contributing editor for Only Magazine, an alternative newspaper. (Bio updated in March 2007)

Karen Connelly
Karen Connelly’s novel of Burma, The Lizard Cage, was released in October (Random House Canada). A previous version of her essay for this issue was part of the CBC’s Alberta Anthology program. (Bio updated in October 2005)

Zoe Cormier
Zoe Cormier is a freelance writer from Toronto, now based in London, England, who specializes in environmental issues. She has been shortlisted for a National Magazine Award twice, most recently for her September/October 2006 This Magazine cover story about climate-change spin doctoring. She has a regular environmental column in The Globe and Mail. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Paul Corupe
Paul Corupe watches far too many movies, typically very bad ones. His writing has appeared in Broken PencilTake One Film & Television in Canada and Rue Morgue, and he is the founder of Canadian B-film site (Bio updated May 2005)

Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox is an award-winning journalist based in Victoria.

Julie Crysler
Julie Crysler is a recovering editor of This Magazine. Her current gig is at CBC Radio.

Lynn Cunningham
Lynn Cunningham was using a bike for transportation in Toronto more than three decades ago, long before this practice was anything but deeply eccentric. These days, she rides to her teaching job at Ryerson’s School of Journalism. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Patricia D’Souza
Patricia D’Souza served This Magazine as editor from March 2004 to July 2005. She began her relationship with the magazine as a writer in 1999, and volunteered as a copyeditor while working as an editor at Canadian Business magazine and the National Post. Most recently, she worked as an editor and reporter at Nunatsiaq News in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Dan David
Dan David is a writer from Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory near Oka, Quebec. He is based in Ottawa which he considers a form of capital punishment.

Christine Davidson
Christine Davidson has worked for subTerrain magazine and the B.C. Association of Magazine Publishers, and was This’s circulation manager for the past year. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Brian Joseph Davis
Brian Joseph Davis is an artist living in Toronto. He currently struggles with his addiction to Clodhoppers and writing for non-profit magazines—both of which, he believes, should be fully legalized. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Meribeth Deen
Meribeth Deen is a writer, journalist and designer currently living in Vancouver. She’s been resisting the lure of legal life for a decade, and is now more than happy to let others pursue the profession. She’s hoping to never have any kind of job where she would be frowned upon for having helmet-hair. (Bio updated August 2006)

Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis has 13 books of poetry in and out of print, including Fade to Blue (Pulp Press), This Day Full of Promise: Poems Selected and New(Broken Jaw), and wayne gretzky in the house of the sleeping beauties(Lowlife Publishing). He makes his home in Ottawa. (Bio updated in March 2005)

Christopher DeWolf
Christopher DeWolf was born and raised in Calgary, but he now lives in Montreal, where he drinks cheap café au lait, wears hip glasses and thinks he’s some sort of sophisticate. He never wears cowboy hats. Ever. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Terence Dick
Terence Dick joins This Magazine as our new media columnist. He has also written for magazines like BorderCrossingsPrefix Photo andCamera-Austria. He runs an avant-variety show out of his day job at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. He was a DJ for 10 years and has played music with everyone from Gord Downie to the Nihilist Spasm Band. His most recent band is an improv-metal group called the Woodpeckers. (Bio updated in October 2005)

Derek Dunn
Derek Dunn is the editor of Nepean This Week, a newspaper in suburban Ottawa. He likes to fish and canoe in the Ottawa Valley.

Danielle Egan
Danielle Egan is a freelance writer in Vancouver whose work has appeared in Vancouver magazine, Maisonneuve and Jane. She is currently finishing a novel.

Ethan Eisenberg
Ethan Eisenberg is a Toronto-based photographer who has been working in Israel and Palestine for the past 12 years. The results of this projecthave been published and exhibited across Canada and Europe. (Bio updated in October 2007)

Rob Elliott
Rob Elliott lives in a haunted house on the shores of Lake Huron, where he draws and paints constantly. If you met him at a party, you’d probably say, “I like that Rob Elliott, even if he does talk too fast and too much.”

Jon Elmer
Jon Elmer is a Canadian freelance photojournalist, currently in the Middle East. His work has been published by, among others, the Journal of Palestine Studies and the Progressive. (Bio updated in October 2005)

Chris Eng
Chris Eng wrote a long-standing column for Vice, edited Terminal City Weeklyand Discorder Magazine in Vancouver, and scripted two different anime series. He is currently trying to break into the lucrative field of comic books. (Bio updated in March 2007)

Max Fawcett
Max Fawcett is a 27-year-old writer who was born in Vancouver, lives in Toronto, and wishes he was cool enough to make it in Montreal. When he’s not writing pieces for This, he’s either working as a contributing editor at or tending to his cyber-flock (Bio updated in January 2007)

Sarah Fenn
Sarah Fenn is a writer, Northern Ontario girl and the publisher of Glib Magazine. Peek into her world at

Sue Ferguson
Sue Ferguson left her job as senior writer at Maclean’s magazine two years ago to teach journalism at Wilfrid Laurier University, in Brantford, Ontario. She has no regrets. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Jared Ferrie
Jared Ferrie is a Vancouver-based journalist who travels when he’s able. His work has appeared in publications including the Toronto Star, theSouth China Morning Postand (Bio updated in March 2007)

Sean Flinn
Sean Flinn is a freelancer living in Halifax, also the city proudly claiming to be “the biggest east of Montreal.” He covers music, art, architecture/design and books. And whatever else creative people got up their sleeves. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Helen Forsey
Helen Forsey is an Ottawa Valley writer and activist with a focus on environment, feminism and rural issues. Her interest in progressive politics and constitutional matters is inherited. (Bio updated in July 2005)

Aaron Freeman
Aaron Freeman is an Ottawa-based independent policy consultant and a columnist with The Hill Times.

Laurie Fuhr
Laurie Fuhr is visiting her hometown of Cold Lake, Alberta where she’s preparing pavement ends, her first book. Laurie edits bloom oon, a Canadian surrealist journal.

Caitlin Fullerton
Caitlin Fullerton has a BA in psychology and communications from York University and a graduate degree in journalism from Ryerson University. She has published articles in the Toronto Star and the National Post, in campus newspapers at both York and Ryerson, and in the tiny island newspaper the Gabriola Sounder.

Audrey Gagnon
Audrey Gagnon is the zines editor for Broken Pencil Magazine. Her writing has appeared in TRADE Queer ThingsThis MagazineZine WorldShamelessand She grew up in Montreal and Tottenham, Ontario, and now lives in Toronto.

Angie Gallop
Freelance writer and editor Angie Gallop has recently moved to Thessalon, a small town in northern Ontario, where she is the proud new owner of a house she can afford and a garden. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Jeremy Gans
Jeremy Gans was an intern at This Magazine in 2002. He is currently freelancing in Toronto, and hopes to get back to Johannesburg, South Africa to complete work on a documentary.

Sabitri Ghosh
A former reporter for the Catholic New Times, Sabitri Ghosh is a freelance writer specializing in faith and social issues. Her features have appeared in AlbertaViewsThe Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen andThis Magazine. (Bio updated in July 2005)

Holland Gidney
Holland Gidney is originally from Victoria, B.C., but now calls Toronto home. A veteran of student newspapers at UVic and UBC, a former Eye Weekly proofreader and a survivor of various other writing/editing jobs, she decided to pursue her master’s in publishing at Simon Fraser University in September 2004. The following summer she completed an internship at Maisonneuve, and she now works as Spacing magazine’s Biz Manager. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Bruce Gillespie
Bruce Gillespie is a writer and editor in Simcoe, Ontario who edits This Magazine’s This & That section.

Wendy Glauser
Outgoing This & That editor Wendy Glauser is sad to bid adieu to all of the editors, researchers and writers behind This. She is grateful for their inspiration during this time of such political lethargy and she hopes to be back on these pages soon. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Heather Gold
Heather Gold followed truth from law school to comedy. Since then she’s contributed to Shift TV and The Learning Channel, written for Alan Cumming and baked over 19,000 cookies with audiences in her solo show, “I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie.” You can follow her work at (Bio updated in January 2006)

Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene is a writer, singer and sometimes radio show host with a soft spot for good narrative poems and the blues. A native Torontonian, she’s spending some time in Halifax learning about moving pictures and cameras. Her reviews have also appeared in Broken Pencil. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Megan Griffith-Greene
Megan Griffith-Greene is a freelance writer and the editor of Shamelessmagazine, a feminist magazine for teens and young women. Her writing has also appeared in Chatelaine and The Walrus. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Gerald Hannon
Gerald Hannon makes his living as a writer and a ho. His writing has won him four National Magazine Awards. But as a ho, he’s prizeless.

Cheri Hanson
Cheri Hanson is a Vancouver writer and editor who moonlights in her hometown of Calgary. She plans to step up her own community-building by inviting the neighbours over for cocktails.

Jenn Hardy
Jenn Hardy is midway through the magazine journalism program at Algonquin College and spent the summer of 2004 as an intern at This Magazine.

Drew Hayden Taylor
Drew Hayden Taylor is an award winning playwright, journalist, scriptwriter and author. He was born on the Curve Lake First Nations and currently resides in Toronto.

David Hayes
David Hayes is an award winning feature writer and author living in Toronto.

Joseph Heath
Joseph Heath is an associate professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Toronto. His popular manifesto The Rebel Sell(HarperCollins), co-written with Andrew Potter, was published in September. (Bio updated in May 2005)

Jeet Heer
Jeet Heer is a Toronto-based journalist. His articles have appeared in the National, the Boston GlobeThe Walrus, the Literary Review of CanadaThis MagazineBooks in Canada, and Toro. He is also finishing a doctoral thesis at York University on the cultural politics of Little Orphan Annie.

Geoff Heinricks
Geoff Heinricks wrote his first magazine feature in 1997 for This. In 1995, he and his family left Toronto for Prince Edward County, where he grows and makes small lots of commercial Pinot Noir. His last book wasA Fool and Forty Acres Conjuring a Vineyard Three Thousand Miles from Burgundy. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Maggie Helwig
Maggie Helwig is a Toronto-based poet, novelist and essayist; her most recent book is Between Mountains (Vintage). Once upon a time, she was a big-name fan on (Bio updated in January 2006)

Peggy Herring
Peggy Herring’s short fiction has appeared in various literary magazines, most recently in The Fed Anthology: Brand New Fiction & Poetry from the Federation of BC Writers(Anvil Press, 2003). She is currently at work at a novel and divides her time between Victoria, BC and New Delhi, India.

Sheila Heti
Sheila Heti is the author of The Middle Stories. She lives in Toronto where she runs Trampoline Hall lectures. (

Jordan Himelfarb
Quebec City-based journalist Jordan Himelfarb writes for Maisonneuveand He is an editor at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Matthew Holmes
Matthew Holmes, an ex-bureaucrat, is an editor of Arc, Canada’s national poetry magazine. His first collection of poetry, Hitch, will be published this spring by Nightwood Editions’ blewointment imprint. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes is a Toronto writer and editor. His most recent collection of poetry is Parts Unknown: Wrestling, Gimmicks and Other Works. He lives in Toronto and has been a lifelong fan of the grappler’s art. Watch the tape of Wrestlemania 18: that’s Holmes celebrating in the crowd with Diamond Dallas Page, after Page’s victory over that “CLB,” Christian. (Bio updated in December 2005)

James Hrynyshyn
James Hrynyshyn is a Vancouver-based freelance writer. He spent several years working as a journalist in Yellowknife.

Iain Ilich
Iain Ilich is an Edmonton-based freelance writer and broadcaster whose work appears regularly in Edmonton’s VUE Weekly, and occasionally on CBC radio stations across the country. (Bio updated in May 2005)

Dominique Jarry-Shore
Dominique Jarry-Shore is a freelance writer and social worker. She lives in Montreal with her husband José and their daughter Paulina. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Sandra Jeppesen
Sandra Jeppesen is currently completing a PhD on anarchist culture at York University. Look for her hot new novel Kiss Painting in indie bookstores.

Leslie Jermyn
Leslie Jermyn is a freelance writer and anthropologist based in Toronto. She is spending the fall teaching for the University of Pittsburgh’s Semester at Sea.

Art Johnson
Art Johnson is a former This Magazine’ media columnist.

Richard A. Johnson
Richard A. Johnson is a freelance writer living in Toronto. His last article for This, “Off the Bottle,” appeared in the July/August 2007 issue. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Jessica Johnston
Jessica Johnston, editor of This Magazine, was a regular This copy editor and contributor prior to taking the helm. Jessica understands how to properly use a semi-colon and will show you, too, if you ask. (Bio updated in July 2006)

Brian Joseph Davis
Brian Joseph Davis is an artist living in Toronto. He’s often asked to leave hip parties after declaring Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon the epitome of western culture.

Ryan Kamstra
Ryan Kamstra (sCRATCH) is a poet/performer based in Toronto. He has an album (aLL fALL dOWN 2001), a poetry collection (lATE cAPITALIST sUBLIME 2002), and co-wrote and co-produced a film with Margaux Williamson (dARBY & tHE aNGELS2004).

Lynn Kavanagh
Lynn Kavanagh is a director with the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, and enjoys discovering new tasty vegan recipes and making them for others. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Stephen James Kerr
Stephen James Kerr is an investigative reporter and co-host ofNewspeak, heard every friday at 5 PM on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto. He also an abstract painter.

Sami Khan
Sami Khan is a graduate student at Columbia University.

Jesse Kinos-Goodin
Jesse Kinos-Goodin is a journalism student and a recent intern at This Magazine. He is currently in Vietnam and plans to stay there, writing and taking pictures while he finishes school online. If you see him on campus next term, it means he is on plan B, looking for plan C. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Gordana Knezevic
Gordana Knezevic was a wartime deputy editor of Sarajevo’s daily newspaper, Oslobodjenje. Gordana moved with her family to Canada in 1996 and now makes her home in Toronto. She served two terms at the Board of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and is now working as an online editor and occasional contributor to CBC radio.

Heather Kohlmann
Heather Kohlmann is a Toronto-based freelance journalist. After graduating from Ryerson University’s journalism program, she began a career in Canadian broadcasting, where she currently works as a production coordinator. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Stacy Lee Kong
Stacy Lee Kong is a media student at the University of Guelph-Humber and a recent intern at This Magazine. She likes reading and writing, but doesn’t get along with arithmetic. (Bio updated in March 2007)

Lindsay Kneteman
Originally from rural Alberta, Lindsay moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University and liked the city so much that she decided to stick around. By day Lindsay works in the music industry, while by night she enjoys attending concerts, playing with her pet chinchilla and reading. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Eve Krakow
Eve Krakow is a writer and translator living in Montreal. She has written for the Montreal Mirror and has a piece upcoming in Lichen Literary Journal.

Raghu Krishnan
Raghu Krishnan is a writer and was a founding member of the United Coalition Against Racism at the University of Toronto, and also of the Toronto Coalition Against Racism.

Krisztina Kun
Krisztina Kun is an East Vancouver writer and activist who spends way too much time on the internet. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Liisa Ladoucer
Liisa Ladoucer is a music and pop-culture writer for eye Weekly, CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the OperaRue Morgue magazine and others. She is a member of the Royal Sarcophagus Society, a shadowy collective of artists and rogues in love with lofty Pre-Raphaelite ideals.

Anita Lahey
Anita Lahey’s work has appeared in The FiddleheadGrainThe Malahat ReviewThe New QuarterlyPagitica and on buses in Ottawa, where she lives. As a journalist she has written for many national and local publications.

Gordon Laird
Gordon Laird is the author of Power: Journeys Across an Energy Nation. He lives in Calgary, where the CCF-NDP held its first convention in

Stephen LaRose
Stephen LaRose won seven first prizes from the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association for commentary writing, cultural feature writing, and business writing while editing the Fort Qu’Appelle Times. He’s now a freelance writer for Prairie Dogmagazine, the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta, and anybody else willing to give him a paycheque. (Bio updated in October 2005)

Jaclyn Law
Jaclyn Law, a writer and editor in Toronto, has never broken any bones. Between episodes of Law & Order, she is writing a guidebook for young people living with lupus. (Bio updated in May 2005)

James Laxer
James Laxer is the co-author of the Waffle Manifesto, For an Independent Socialist Canada. He ran second in a field of five candidates for the leadership of the federal NDP in 1971. A formerToronto Star columnist, he is the author of numerous books, includingThe Perils of Empire: America and Its Imperial Predecessors and Mission of Folly: Canada and Afghanistan. He teaches political science at York University. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Dan Lazin
Dan Lazin also writes for Maxim and the Edmonton Journal. While procrastinating from finishing his story for This, he was clubbed with a beer bottle and robbed. God must be an editor.

Ryan LeClaire
Ryan LeClaire is a journalism graduate and a contributor to various magazines and organizations across Canada and the United States. In his spare time he practises lightsaber movements with a broomstick. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Alison Lee
Alison Lee has an unhealthy interest in tea, and enjoys writing about sex, feminism and pornography. She has written for This and Smut, but would also be willing to work for publications with more than one word in their names. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Wilson Lee
Wilson Lee is a Canadian freelance journalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Joshua Leipciger
Joshua Leipciger has been a freelance illustrator for nine years and has been a regular contributor to This for most of them. When not creating editorial illustration he is either working on picture-book projects or absorbed in playing with children’s markers. He plans to show his collection of drawings on acetate in early 2007. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Sarah Leipciger
Sarah Leipciger’s fiction has appeared in subTerrainRim Magazine andThe Inner Harbour Review. She is currently working as a writer and editor in the UK and quietly planning her return to Canada. She is at work on her first novel.

Chandler Levack
Chandler Levack writes about music, film, and associated pop cultural ephmera for SpinNow and the University of Toronto’s The Varsity. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Kathleen Lippa
Kathleen Lippa was a Northern News Services journalist from 2003 to 2005, and now is a designer-editor for 24 hours Toronto. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Holly Luhning
Holly Luhning holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick. Her first book, Sway, will be published this fall by Thistledown Press. She lives in Regina.

Kelly McCarthy-Maine
Kelly McCarthy-Maine is a roving reporter on a yellow bicycle in a strange land (read: freelance writer and broadcaster in London, England). She is learning that life is all about balance (read: learning to ride said bicycle through traffic roundabouts, backwards). She is producing wacky stuff to good review and having a wonderful time. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Sue McCluskey
By day, Sue McCluskey is a writer and editor living in Toronto. At night, she turns into a rockstar-wannabe.

Brooke McDonald
Brooke McDonald is a writer and photojournalist from Vancouver. She has studied international relations, medicine, astrophysics and photography. Journalism has allowed her to realize her dual dreams of being a journeyer and a career student, while still making rent.

Graeme McElheran
Graeme McElheran is a freelance journalist based in Edmonton. He interned at This Magazine in 2001 while attending Ryerson’s journalism school, and is pleased to be back in these pages. (Bio updated in May 2008)

Brad Mackay
A former reporter for the National PostBrad Mackay
has written about comics and culture for the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, CBC Arts Online, Quill & QuireToronto LifeNowand Eyemagazines. He is currently writing the first of two definitive biographical essays about Doug Wright, a seminal figure in Canadian comics, that will be included in a two-volume retrospective of Wright’s career to be published by Montreal’s Drawn and Quarterly Books in fall 2008. Selections of his writing can be found at (Bio updated in January 2008)

Lauren McKeon
Lauren McKeon graduated last year from Ryerson University’s journalism program, where she co-edited the feminist magazineMcClung’s. She has written for This MagazineCanadian Business,Taddle Creek and Chatelaine. (Bio updated in May 2008)

J.B. MacKinnon
J.B. MacKinnon is a freelance writer based in Vancouver. He is currently working on a book about the Dominican Republic, to be published in 2005 by Douglas & McIntyre.

Jesse McLean
Jesse McLean is an intern at This Magazine, as well as an editor for Ryerson student paper The Eyeopener, and the front man for a Toronto punk band. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Andre Mayer
Andre Mayer is a Toronto-based journalist who lives to write and writes to live.

Doug Melnyk
Doug Melnyk is the author of two provocative books of fiction, Naked Croquetand Doctor Meist, and his video art is included in the National Gallery of Canada and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He lives in Winnipeg.

Shawn Micallef
Shawn Micallef, a former co-editor of This & That, is a Toronto-based freelance writer for publications such as The Globe and Mail and Eye Weekly. He is also an editor at Spacing magazine and co-founder of the[murmur] project and the Toronto Psychogeography Society. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Sara Minogue
Sara Minogue grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. She now lives and works in Iqaluit, Nunavut—the Hawaii of the North. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell has been in the illustration racket since graduating from Sheridan College in 2002. The Toronto-based 29-year-old’s work has appeared in publications such as the L.A. TimesThe Boston Globe andThe Globe and Mail. It has been recognized by American Illustration andApplied Arts, and hangs in the collections of Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Paul Quarrington. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Andrew Mitrovica
Andrew Mitrovica is a veteran muckraker who tries to abide by Frederick Douglass’s admonition to “Agitate. Agitate.”

Dave Morris
Dave Morris is a journalist born in St. John’s and based in Toronto. He is an assistant editor at Toro Magazine and also writes about music regularly for Eye Weekly. He wishes Canadian rappers were as organized as their southern counterparts, and that everyone would send him more promo CDs. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Mitch Moxley
Mitch Moxley is a freelance journalist based in Toronto, by way of Saskatchewan. His work has appeared in MaisonneuveToroGeist, theKyoto Journal and elsewhere. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Evan Munday
Evan Munday, who coordinated the 2004 Great Canadian Literary Hunt, also draws and sometimes writes. He is internationally renowned for producing The Amazing Challengers of Unknown Mystery, a comic book chronicling the lives of Waterloo, Ontario’s greatest superheroes. He lives in Toronto.

Louise Muretich
Louise Muretich is a computer artist living in Toronto.

Steve Murray
Steve Murray is a graphic columnist for the National Post and sometimes comic book artist, under the name Chip Zdarsky. His weekly Arts & Life column, Extremely Bad Advice, appears every Thursday until the world runs out of problems that need solving. His illustrations have also appeared in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, New York Magazine and Toronto Life, to very little fanfare.

Valerie Mutton
Valerie Mutton is a lawyer and freelance journalist with an interest in social justice issues. She is the 2007 recipient of the Barbara Novak Award for Excellence in Personal Essay Writing from the Professional Writers Association of Canada. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Kristin Nelson
Kristin Nelson is a freelance writer and broadcaster from Toronto. She just finished a radio documentary about traditional healers treating AIDS in South Africa, and is currently waiting for fate to have its way with her. (Bio updated in May 2007)

J. Kelly Nestruck
J. Kelly Nestruck is a former arts reporter for the National Post. He has also written about theatre for The Globe and MailToronto Life and The Boston Globe. Born in Winnipeg, raised in Montreal and currently a freelancer based in London, Kelly keeps a blog about culture, journalism and politics at The J stands for James, yo. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Marc Ngui
Marc Ngui is a cartoonist, diagramatican, animator, illustrator and owner/operator of Bumblenut Pictures: Purveyors of Questionable Ephemera, est, 1994 (

Hal Niedzviecki
Hal Niedzviecki is the founder and fiction editor of Broken Pencil, the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts ( He is the author of several works of fiction and cultural commentary including the novels Ditch and The Program, and Hello, I’m Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity. For more information about his work, please visit his

Jeff Nield
Jeff Nield is a Vancouver writer and radio journalist. He’s worked and CBC Radio One. He is also a regular contributor and food editor at Momentum Magazine. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Arif Noorani
Arif Noorani is a producer with The Current on CBC Radio and a former member of This Magazine’s editorial board.

Peter Norman
Peter Norman’s fiction has appeared in subTerrainToro, and the 2003 anthology Victory Meat: New Fiction from Atlantic Canada

Zebedee Nungak
Zebedee Nungak is a radio commentator for CBC North and a frequent contributor to Inuktitut magazine.

Ron Nurwisah
Ron Nurwisah is a Toronto-based freelancer. He’s contributed to Spacing MagazineBroken Pencil and the Globe and Mail. He blogs and he is also This Magazine’s new “Arts & Ideas” editor. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Jennifer O’Connor
Jennifer O’Connor is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose work has been published in Toronto LifeThe Globe and Mail and Chatelaine, among others, as well as anthologies such as Feminist Theatre and Performance. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Omar Odeh
Omar Odeh is a writer and filmmaker based in Toronto. (Bio updated in May 2005)

David Olive
David Olive is a business and public affairs columnist at the Toronto Star. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Tyler Olsen
A graduate of Thompson Rivers University’s journalism program, Tyler Olsen is a reporter/photographer for the Morning Star in Vernon, B.C. (Bio updated in May 2008)

Colin Oswin
Colin Oswin is a former intern at This Magazine and a journalism student at Centennial College. He grew up in Sutton, Ontario, and currently lives in Toronto. (Bio updated in March 2005)

Rajinderpal S. Pal
Rajinderpal S. Pal has published two books of poetry, has performed his work across Canada, and is now interested in exploring the interstitial space between poetry and prose.

Steve Payne
Steve Payne is a Toronto journeyman photographer whose work appears often in The Globe and MailNOW magazine and The New York Times. He emigrated from Newfoundland to Ontario in 1988, but now divides his time between the two provinces. (Bio updated in May 2008)

Meagan Perry
Meagan Perry started broadcasting at her high school’s intercom radio station. After 10 years in campus radio and six with CBC Radio One’s As It Happens and DNTO, she is now a freelance writer, communications shark, broadcaster and podcaster living in the Yukon Territory. You can hear her on rabble radio at (Bio updated in May 2006)

Diane Peters
Diane Peters is a freelance writer who also teaches feature writing at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. She is unsure if she prefers interviewing people who are smarter or dumber than herself, but Paul Jay was, like, totally the former. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Jeff Pew
Jeff Pew is co-founder of Poetry on the Rocks, an annual celebration of spoken word in the East Kootenays, and co-editor of radiant danse uv being: A Poetic Portrait of bill bissett (blewointment). He is a high school counsellor and teaches creative writing. Jeff lives with Alison and their two boys, Kalum and Noah, in Kimberley, B.C. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Scott Piatkowski
Scott Piatkowski is a Kitchener-based writer and community activist. You can read his weekly columns (along with other “safe and smug columns and opinions from the lugubrious left”) at (Bio updated in August 2006)

Richard Poplak
Richard Poplak regularly writes for publications such as The Walrus,Toronto LifeThe Globe and MailThis Magazine, is a regular contributor to Arts Online and an occasional roving pop-cultural commentator for CBC Radio’s Q. His first book, the highly acclaimed Ja, No, Man: Growing Up White in Apartheid-era South Africa, is published by Penguin; his follow-up, The Sheikh’s Batmobile: In Pursuit of American Pop-Culture in the Muslim World, will be on shelves next spring. (Bio updated on May 2008)

Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter is a former member of the editorial board of This Magazine. He is presently a visiting scholar with the Educational Policy Institute in Toronto and is a public affairs columnist for Maclean’s. He is looking forward to his upcoming trip to China, in particular to the Gulag theme park being established in Siberia. (Bio updated in May 2006)

Egle Procuta
Egle Procuta covered her first Liberal leadership convention as a student journalist in 1984. Nothing, though, beats the memory of Barbara Amiel in the bathroom of the Ottawa Civic Centre whining that runny mascara was “such a bitch.” A veteran journalist at The Globe and Mail by night, Egle is a lifelong idealist by day. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Alex Pugsley
Alex Pugsley is from Nova Scotia. He co-wrote the novel Kay Darliingand wrote and directed the short films The Pargonopers and Fidelio.

Emily Rauhala
Emily Rauhala is a writer and web producer. Originally from Toronto, she currently lives in Hong Kong on Dried Fish Street. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Bill Reynolds
Bill Reynolds is an assistant professor at the School of Journalism, Ryerson University. His previous feature, “Crossing the Line”(September/October 2004), about patriotism and dissent in post-9/11 America, won gold in the Essays category at the 2005 National Magazine Awards. He’s currently working on a book about adventures in magazine writing. (Bio updated in January 2006)

Kate Rigg
Kate Rigg is a satirist, raconteur, standup comedian, counter-culture vulture and ragin’ Canasian. She’s creator of the plays Kate’s Chink-O-Rama, featuring the chink-o-rama dancers, Birth of an Asian and The Phoenix Rides a Skateboard.

Arianne Robinson
Arianne Robinson freelances in print, radio, film and television. She lives in Toronto.

James A. Rodriguez
James A. Rodriguez is a Mexican-American photojournalist focusing on social issues and progressive change, who is currently based in Guatemala. He has worked and lived in Japan, the United States and Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil). His work can be seen (Bio updated in March 2007)

Catherine Rolfsen
Catherine Rolfsen is a graduate of UBC’s school of journalism and works as a reporter at the Vancouver Sun. Before journalism, she flirted with academia, getting a master’s degree in religion and modernity from Queen’s University.

Jesse Rosenfeld
Jesse Rosenfeld is a former news editor at The McGill Daily and Quebec bureau chief for Canadian University Press. He is currently a freelance journalist based in Montreal. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Derek Rosin
Derek Rosin is a former Winnipegger and recent intern at This Magazine. Between bouts of wanderlust, he thinks and writes about international politics, movies and sports. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Alex Roslin
Alex Roslin is an investigative journalist based in Lac Brome in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. He has won a Canadian Association of Journalists award for investigative reporting and is a five-time nominee for investigative and writing prizes from the CAJ and National Magazine Awards. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross is the literary editor of This Magazine. He is a Toronto poet, fiction writer, and editor whose online home is

Graham Roumieu
Graham Roumieu has illustrated for The New York TimesHarper’sThe Walrus, the Globe and Mail and many other publications. He is also the creator of the books Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir and In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot. (Bio updated in November 2006)

Lisa Rundle
Lisa Rundle is a writer and editor in Toronto. Currently, she is a stay-at-home lesbian feminist with two furry, four-footed children. She makes a mean butternut and pear soup, thanks to Chatelaine.

Ellen Russell
Ellen Russell decided to become an economist when she just couldn’t stand reading the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal any longer. She is currently a senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in Ottawa. (Bio updated in March 2005)

Trish Salah
Trish Salah is a Montreal-based writer, editor and educator. Her first book of poetry, Wanting in Arabic, was published in 2002. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Rick Salutin
Rick Salutin has written plays, novels, history, biography and much journalism. He was a member of the This editorial collective from 1973 until 1994, and remains a contributing editor. (Bio updated in November 2006)

Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders lives in Vancouver. She is a photography student and a freelance writer for CBC Radio 3.

Craig Saunders
Craig Saunders is a writer and editor living in either Toronto or London, England. When he isn’t writing for Canadian magazines or editing children’s books, he’s probably cloistered somewhere doing historical research for a book. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Sasha writes the sex column for Toronto’s Eye Weekly and the Montreal Mirror. She produces and performs burlesque with the Scandelles.

Kathryn Scharf
Kathryn Scharf once worked as communications coordinator at FoodShare Toronto and strove to improve the nutritional status of This Magazine’s editorial board through healthy organic snacks. Now she tends to the nutritional needs of her baby, Joe, while the board gets by on bagels.

Ryan R. Schmidt
Ryan R. Schmidt recently returned to his home province of Alberta after travelling and photographing in over 26 countries. His current projects include trying to stay put long enough to find the photographic magic in his own backyard. More of his images can be found (Bio updated October 2005)

Adam Lewis Schroeder
Adam Lewis Schroeder, author of Kingdom of Monkeys (Raincoast, 2001), lives in Penticton, BC. He is currently at work on a collection of ghost stories, while a big, juicy novel called Empress of Asia will appear next year. (Bio updated in May 2005)

Graham F. Scott
Graham F. Scott is a freelance writer and editor in Toronto, and This Magazine’s new columns editor. A former editor of University of Toronto’s student-run paper, The Varsity, he has written for Canadian BusinessMaclean’s and The Globe and Mail. He is a part-time web designer and full-time nerd. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Matt Semansky
Matt Semansky is a recent intern at This Magazine, a journalism student at Ryerson University and a regular contributor to Chart. He was born, raised and currently resides in Toronto. (Bio updated in July 2005)

Jason Sherman
Jason Sherman wrote plays for 15 years, receiving the Governor General’s Award for Drama in 1985 for Three in the Back, Two in the Head. Now he writes for film and television, including the seriesReGenesis and ZOS (airing on the Movie Network in 2008). (Bio updated in December 2007)

Grant Shilling
Grant Shilling is the author of The Cedar Surf: An Informal History of Surfing in British Columbia ( He has film, poetry, art, gardening and family projects on the go. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Carrie-May Siggins
Carrie-May Siggins is a freelance journalist living in Vancouver. She graduated from Concordia’s creative writing program, and has a masters in journalism from UBC. She grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Stephanie Silliker
Stephanie Silliker is a researcher at CTV and a graduate of the journalism program at Ryerson University. Ever the adventurer, she hopes to visit Igloolik one day. (Bio updated in May 2008)

David Smaller
David Smaller works for a government-funded social service agency in downtown Toronto. Last summer David initiated a successful campaign to join the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union.

Vern Smith
Vern Smith’s non-fiction and photography have appeared in The Detroit Free Press, the Ottawa CitizenQuill & Quire, and This Magazine. His fiction has appeared in Hard Boiled Love and Iced (Insomniac Press) andConcrete Forest (McLelland and Stewart). His urban western “The Green Ghetto,” will appear in Insomniac’s forthcoming Revenge anthology, and he is currently shopping a heist novel called Under the Table.

Colin Snowsell
Colin Snowsell is a PhD candidate at McGill University. He is a college professor in the department of communications at Okanagan Community College. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Jo Snyder
Jo Snyder is the managing editor of the Uniter, the University of Winnipeg’s student weekly. She is also a local music columnist for CBC Manitoba. When she’s not wading through piles of angry letters to the editor, she sings, plays guitar and tours with her band, Anthem Red. (Bio updated in December 2007)

John Sobol
John Sobol is an experiential educator and creative consultant who helps people, communities and businesses find their way in the datasphere. He has been the co-director of digifest, Canada’s leading new-media festival. Before that he ran Globalhood, a digital playground that offered “digital adventures” to street kids and CEOs. He is the author of four books and has performed his one-man show, “Two Million Years of Technology,” across Canada. (Bio updated in May 2006)

Jim Stanford
Jim Stanford is an economist with the Canadian Auto Workers and former This Magazine columnist. He is presently writing an economics textbook for activists. (Bio updated July 2007)

Brett Story
Brett Story is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker based out of Montreal. She is currently working on a documentary film about occupational cancer and asbestos exposures among blue-collar workers in southern Ontario. (Bio updated in May 2006)

Nathan Swinn
Nathan Swinn is a freelancer, farmer, amateur canoe builder and redneck. He has freelanced for CBC Radio, written for Blackfly Magazineand is shopping around a novel tentatively titled Busted Knuckles. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Tania Tabar
Tania Tabar is a freelance journalist and recent intern at This Magazine. A Palestinian-Lebanese Canadian, she is a recent graduate of Concordia University’s journalism program. (Bio updated in March 2008)

Drew Hayden Taylor
Drew Hayden Taylor has done everything from standup comedy at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to lecturing on the films of Sherman Alexie at the British Museum in London, England. A scriptwriter, journalist, author of 17 books and playwright with more than 70 productions of his work in four countries, Drew lives on the Curve Lake First Nation in central Ontario. In the fall of 2006, Drew was also the writer in residence at the University of Michigan. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Chris Tenove
Chris Tenove is a Vancouver writer and freelance journalist. His work has appeared in AdbustersMacleans, and the National Post. His features “The Weight of Evidence” (2001) and “The Spirit of Haida Gwai” (2003) were both finalists for National Magazine Awards.

Nora Tennessen
Nora Tennessen is a displaced Nova Scotian and recent This Magazineintern. She is currently freelancing in Montreal. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Hugh Thomas
Hugh Thomas teaches mathematics at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. His poems have appeared on pieces of paper, some of which have been folded and stapled.

Clive Thompson
Clive Thompson writes about science, technology and business for The New York Times MagazineDetailsWired and This Magazine. He can be found online at

Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson is a former prison reporter and the author of the bookLetters From Prison: Felons Write About the Struggle for Life and Sanity Behind Bars(HarperCollins Canada 2002). He is a member of the journalism faculty at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. (Bio updated in December 2007)

Sherwin Tjia
Sherwin Tjia is the author of Pedigree Girls and Gentle Fictions. He is the writer and director of The Guide to Seducing Teenaged Sidekicks video series at the Drake Hotel in Toronto.

Carla Tonelli
Carla Tonelli is a Toronto journalist. (Bio updated in July 2007)

Peter Trainor
Peter Trainor is currently a master’s student in interdisciplinary studies at York University. In the summer of 2006, he worked as an editor and researcher with the Alternative Tourism Group, an organization promoting environmentally and socially responsible tourism, in Beit Sahour, Palestine. (Bio updated in January 2008)

Julie Traves
Formerly a book promoter, Julie Traves is now devoted to plugging her own writing. Her pieces on arts, society and ideas appear inMaisonneuveCanadian Business, the Toronto StarThe Globe and Mail, and the National Post. (Bio updated in March 2005)

Jim Trautman
Jim Trautman is a freelance writer residing in Orton, Ontario. He has worked for various news organizations including CBC Television and Radio. (Bio updated in August 2006)

Peter Tupper
Peter Tupper is a graduate of the Langara College journalism program, and a journalist and freelance writer who lives in Vancouver, B.C. His work has been published in Wiredmagazine, The Globe and Mail andThe Tyee. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Aimée van Drimmelen
Aimée van Drimmelen is a painter, illustrator and freelance journalist who didn’t go to art school or study journalism. She is living in Montreal, and was raised in Saskatchewan. (Bio updated in January 2008)

RM Vaughan
RM Vaughan is a Toronto-based writer and video artist. His second novel, Spells, was published in 2004 by ECW.

Felix Vikhman
Felix Vikhman is a freelance writer in Toronto.

Jenna Marie Wakani
Jenna Marie Wakani is a freelance photographer living in Montreal. A frequent contributor to This Magazine, she is currently finishing her degree in Art History at McGill University and hopes never to encounter the phrase “hetero-normative dominant male gaze” ever, ever again. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Jackie Wallace
Jackie Wallace is a reluctant East Coast deserter and freelance writer living in Ottawa. Her work has appeared in Ottawa City and Ottawa City Woman.

Misha Warbanski
An uprooted Newfoundlander, Misha Warbanski studies journalism and political science in Montreal. She is the Quebec bureau chief for the Canadian University Press and is involved with many grassroots media projects. (Bio updated in September 2007)

Claire Ward
Claire Ward is a freelance writer and intern at The Walrus. A former editor of Diatribemagazine, her work appears weekly at updated in May 2008)

Stephanie Warner
Stephanie Warner recently graduated from Selkirk Secondary School in Kimberley, BC, where she received the 2005 Young Writer’s Scholarship. Her poetry appears in the chapbooks December Musings and Science Versus Romance, and she has read in the Kimberley/Cranbrook festival Poetry on the Rocks. Stephanie has never quite comprehended the whole “high school scene.” She loves rain, yerba mate, and the bike she rescued from a dump. (Bio updated in July 2005)

Wanda Waterman St. Louis
Wanda Waterman St. Louis is a full-time freelance writer and a part-time comic strip artist, union activitist, singer of Gaelic songs and banjo player in an amateur Dixieland band. (Bio updated in May 2007)

Mel Watkins
Mel Watkins wrote the Innis Memorial Column for This Magazine for 25 years. He is now editor emeritus at This Magazine, professor emeritus at University of Toronto and an adjunct professor at Carleton University. (Bio updated in November 2006)

Margaret Webb
Margaret Webb has travelled across Canada three times in the past three years, visiting farms for research and to promote her book Apples to Oysters: A Food Lover’s Tour of Canadian Farms (Penguin, 2008). Book reviewers have called her “the woman who hugs farmers,” a “kitchen-counter activist” and a “deliciously dogmatic author.” She grew up on her family’s farm near Barrie, Ontario, then embarked on a freelance career, writing poetry, fiction, feature screenplays and articles for The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine and More magazine, among others. She teaches magazine journalism at Ryerson University and lives in Toronto with her partner, Nancy.

Darren Wershler-Henry
Darren Wershler-Henry has written a couple of books of poetry and another five about the Internet, most recently Free as in Speech and Beer. He is aware that he is Part Of The Problem.

Zoe Whittall
Zoe Whittall is the author of The Best Ten Minutes of Your Life and editor of Geeks, Misfits & Outlaws (McGilligan Books). Her book of short fiction,Bottle Rocket Hearts, is due out with Cormorant Books in 2007. Her work recently appeared in Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets (Nightwood Editions). (Bio updated in October 2005)

Lisa Whittington-Hill
Lisa Whittington-Hill, This Magazine’s publisher, wants Fox to create a reality dating show called Who Wants to Marry an Indie Rawk Boy?However, she fears that, as with all reality dating shows, there’ll be a trick at the end and the boy will turn out to be a Matchbox 20 fan who bathes regularly.

Audra Williams
Audra Williams owns and operates a feminist PR business, Lefty Lucy Communications, from her home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her other day job is keeping the peace on “babble,” the forums at Canadian political web magazine, Having previously been a sign language interpreter, she can make almost anyone understand almost anything through her fluent use of colourful analogy. She listens to all the best indie rock and brings her knitting to rap shows. (Bio updated in March 2006)

Melissa Wilson
Melissa Wilson is a recent This intern and journalism student at Ryerson University. She spends her days critiquing local music, drinking coffee and trying to figure out the winning blog hook that will score her a book deal before she turns 25.

Dorothy Woodend
Dorothy Woodend is a freelance writer from Vancouver. Her work has previously been featured in The Globe and MailElle CanadaCinema Scope Magazine and on CBC Radio. She is also the film critic (Bio updated in March 2007)

Marnie Woodrow
Marnie Woodrow is the author of the novel Spelling Mississippi, published by Knopf/Vintage Canada.

Katharine Wright
Katharine Wright is a writer and critic-at-large who moonlights as a professor at the University of Ottawa.

Mason Wright
Mason Wright is a Toronto-based editor, writer and publishing jack-of-all-trades. He serves as This Magazine’s web editor and is part of theBlog This team of webloggers. If you look hard enough, you can see his work in various newspapers and magazines across the country. (Bio updated in November 2006)

Pike Wright
Pike Wright is a self-taught community journalist, freelance poet and performer living in Toronto. She writes for various activist, women’s and community publications. (Bio updated in January 2007)

Rosalyn Yake
Rosalyn Yake has written a monthly column for Metro newspaper in Toronto, and has worked as a reporter for CBC Radio in Quebec City, and for the television show Les Vents et Marées in Charlevoix, Quebec. Her poetry has been published in LichenThe White Wall Review and theClaremont Review. (Bio updated in July 2008)

Nora Young
Nora Young is a writer, broadcaster and inveterate sinner, with a long-time love-hate relationship to technology.

Marcus Youssef
Marcus Youssef is co-editor of CRANK Magazine. With Camyar Chai and Guillermo Verdecchia, he’s working on the war-on-terror satire, The Adventures of Ali and the Axis of Evil.

Garrett Zehr
Garrett Zehr is a recent intern at This, ever so happy to be finished J-school. He’s called Ottawa home the past four years but will escape to rural Georgia this fall where he wants to learn how to make pecan pie.

Izida Zorde
Izida Zorde is a writer and editor in Toronto working in the areas of globalization, migration and politically engaged visual art practices. (Bio updated in March 2005)