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July-August 2020


Z.Y. Yang

You act like loving me     is liminal like liminal

means It’s not you it’s me. Like liminal means

I’m going to summer camp now.


I’m upset when Gravity, 2013   plays

on the TVs at Best Buy like I should want to

watch two beautiful white people in space

like we should believe

there’s no drag & Alfonso is just cross-

dressing George Clooney in astronaut gear

like acting     in space is possible when we’re

all spending the next 60 years dying.


You drive me   home   whatever that means

when I still live in my parents’ basement
& I sleep     in a single bed.

I say home like home means where my parents

live. You say your life isn’t beautiful enough

for creative non-fiction,     but I think
it belongs in a poem.


Z.Y. YANG (they/her) is a writer, poet, and haver of many names. They were born in Wuhan, China and grew up in Alberta, where they currently live and write on Treaty 6 Territory. Their poems have appeared in Room, Poetry is Dead, and Plenitude, as well as forthcoming in the anthology What You Need to Know About Me (The Hawkins Project).

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