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July-August 2019

Hissing of Summer Lawns

James Lindsay

Wheat fields in the wind
pulsing with air welling
up inside a glittering of
green on summerland grassland,
the hissingof August lawns as air
snakes out of blades
like auto lot inflatables,
one-legged air-dancers
for a yawning audience,
gazilions vying for envy,
sashay stirring up sway
in tinsel tassel anemones,
an aquatic shimmering
of chartreuse piano keys
twinkling across pastures,
meadow combs, pleasured
by submitting to a barber
out of love with reflection,
the melancholy of  offering
six hours for consideration,
how outside sees you, a face
and glass in osmosis, the day
like dolphins during coitus,
up for anything in an ocean,
a gleaming saline ray ocean,
a mercury ripple plain ocean,
that was turned against them.


James Lindsay is the author of Our Inland Sea and Ekphrasis! Ekphrasis!. His next collection will be Double Self-Portrait in 2020.

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