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One Track Mind: Biipiiwan – Nibaak – Kingmaker

Natalie Zina Walschots

Listen here: Biipiiwan — Nibaak — Kingmaker

This crashing, abrasive piece is part of the 3-song EP Nibaak that Ottawa weirdos Biipiigwan released in March of 2012. Their sound is a combination of noise rock and sludge metal, disparate elements brought together sheer intuition. This song raises a racket, the acerbic vocals and clattering cymbals in counterpoint to the fuzzy, blacktop-hot guitar tone. But beneath the initial petulance of the noise elements, the droning, circular structure of this song sucks the listener down like a riptide. I always put it on expecting something easily violent, sonic brass knuckles, am consistently surprised by the depth of the low end, the hallucinatory quality to the composition. Expecting to raise some hell, I end up on a spirit walk.

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