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Not-so-liveblog of the OttawObamaRama

This Magazine Staff

obama peeking over the Ottawa parliament centre block
Yes, today’s the day: President Barack Obama visits the capital of our fair dominion. Air Force One just landed in Ottawa, and we’ll keep an eye on things and post any notable happenings here, including links to good commentary or other interesting tidbits. But Obama’s visit is so short — less than seven hours — and the agenda so constricted, and the president himself will be so removed from the public, that we’re not expecting much of interest.
Nevertheless, CBC is dancing from foot to foot right now, and has live streaming video online, as does CPAC. The National Post is liveblogging the whole thing here. The Globe and Mail has some updates on its homepage but if it’s doing anything live, we don’t see it. It does, however, have a PDF of the president’s full itinerary.
We’ll also likely post links and commentary on our Twitter feed at, so you may want to follow us there today.
FEBRUARY 20 UPDATE: Yeah, there is not much to say here. An awful lot of TV talking heads having to fill an awful lot of dead airtime, since nearly everything took place behind closed doors. Move along, nothing to see here.

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