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Vacation the Exxon way

This Magazine Staff

The second annual Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards have announced this years top winner: A luxury oil rig hotel and spa, designed by Morris Architects. Judges were amazed at the fresh, innovative and sustainable concept, which promises to save some of the 4000 oil rigs currently floating in the gulf of Mexico after they are decommissioned later this century, and turn them into luxury aquatic holiday settings.
Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of spending my precious vacation time marooned somewhere in the gulf of Mexico on the remains of a floating oil rig sounds like the worst kind of vacation hell. I will concede that refurbishing a decommissioned oil rig is more favorable than the alternative explosion (the typical method of removing rigs,) but why not a floating wind farm? A bird sanctuary? An oceanic research vessel? The possibilities seem endless, but I will note that none of them involve me, a margarita, and the sweet smell of crude.
Am I the only one who thinks this is laugh out loud ridiculous? Would you spend your vacation this way?

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