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Pink is the new black

This Magazine Staff

Day of Pink
I love pink. I look good in pink. In fact, I think everyone looks good in pink. And that’s good news, because February 19th marks the first international Day of Pink, an annual event to raise awareness to stop bullying, discrimination and homophobia around the world.
This Thursday, a quarter of a million people will go about their daily lives wearing pink. “The reality is that homophobic bullying makes up over 60% of the bullying and discrimination in North America, but the majority of the research and funding is directed to unrelated forms of violent and social bullying” says Nadiajah Robinson, Day of Pink Director of Education. “The only way we can solve this problem is to raise awareness, talk about it and create local solutions. That’s the brilliance of the Day of Pink – each community can make it their own.”
Alas, when I stopped by the website to grab some photos of people in pink, I was sadly disappointed. The background was pink, the font was pink, the logo was pink, but the photos of the organizers themselves were not pink. They donned whites, greys, blacks and blues, but there was a decided lack of the colour pink.
I guess it will be up to us in the office of This to get our pink-freak on. Stay tuned for Thursday’s photos…

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