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Tweet what you eat

This Magazine Staff

These days Twitter is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Message boards are abuzz with strategy on how to use Twitter to build your business, and every tween this side of the Atlantic is frantically answering the simple question upon which the site is based — what are you doing?
Now, Wired reports that Twitter is about to outgrow its simple interface and go 2.0. A series of new apps designed by enterprising users will allow inanimate objects to communicate with you via Twitter.

Hardware hackers have set up household appliances to send status alerts over Twitter, like a washing machine that tweets when the spin cycle is through, or a home security system that tweets whenever it senses movement inside the house. Others have incorporated Twitter into their DIY home automation systems. Forgot to turn off the lights? Send a tweet to flip the switch by remote control.

These applications can also help you quit smoking or loose weight. Tweet what you eat is an application that allows individuals trying to lose weight tweet everything that passes through their lips.
But just exactly what this will mean for the average net surfer remains to be seen. As the web and its various applications continue to develop at breakneck speed, it seems only reasonable that at some point the rest of us won’t be able to keep up. When it comes to Twitter, how much is too much?

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