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CITIZENShift is looking for podcasts

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So there you sit, frustrated with Canada’s current political situation and wondering how you can show the country what you think of this whole mess. Sure, there’s rallies you can attend, Facebook groups you can join or letters to the editor you could write but for you, none of those things are quite right. Well then, why not express your feelings and ideas via a podcast?
CitizenShift, the National Film Board of Canada’s “participatory Web platform exploring today’s crucial issues through films, photography, articles, blogs and podcasts” is currently looking for podcast proposals on almost any topic.
The podcasts are being coordinated by This Magazine contributor Tim McSorley (watch for his profile on Quebec’s Socially Acceptable Acts of Terrorism in our January/February issue) and he’s interested in both new ideas as well already completed pieces.
For more details, including how to get in touch with Tim, check out the call for submissions below.

**** CITIZENShift Podcast: Call for submissions ****
Do you have a piece of audio or visual journalism or documentary that you want to share? Would you like CITIZENShift to help you get it heard or seen? Perhaps you have a recording that highlights an issue you care about or an interview with a media-maker you think deserves more attention.
CITIZENShift is looking for exciting and dynamic audio or video pieces to distribute through our podcast. Rough or slick, long or short – as long as the content is engaging and fresh, we want to hear it.
We accept both proposals for original content, as well as already finished pieces.
Podcast Proposals:
Proposals should be short and to the point – no more than 300 words. Please include information on the subject; why it is relevant to CITIZENShift’s mission; voices, sounds and/or images you plan to include; how long the piece will be; and any previous experience you have in audio/video (experience isn’t necessary though!)
Also make sure to include your full name, e-mail and daytime phone number.
Finished podcasts:
If you have an already completed audio or video piece you think would be of interest to the CITIZENShift podcast, you can upload it to our site; just attach a note in the “Short description” field saying you would like it considered for the podcast.
Also make sure to include your full name, e-mail and daytime phone number.
We’re looking for socially engaged audio and video pieces (documentaries, interviews, discussions, experimental) of varying lengths that reflect the goals outlined in our mission statement. If you haven’t already, please explore our site at, to get a sense of what we do, have a listen to our previous podcast episodes and take a look at our editorial policy.
How to submit:
Please send your proposals to [email protected] or call us at 514-283-9513
* Visibility, access and community with other mediamakers
* Interaction with other multimedia content
* Free outreach on your behalf
* Feedback and statistics on who is accessing your work
* Possible stipends (for original pieces only, upon completion) and short-term equipment loans

Tim McSorley
Podcast Coordinator/Online Communications Officer
(514) 283-9513

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