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This Blog Has Seven (Count Em, Seven) Days

This Magazine Staff

For the team of This bloggers, this past week has been a flurry of news briefs, policy announcements and candidate resignations, all while the highly debated polls have swayed back and forth. In case you’ve missed anything this week, here’s a quick recap:
On Monday, Daniel Tseghay wrote about the pros and cons of a carbon tax, proposed by both Stéphane Dion of the Liberals and Elizabeth May of the Green Party.
On Tuesday, Graham F. Scott drew our attention to a new book about PM Stephen Harper and Melita Kuburas commented on some media outlets’ poor choice of words regarding Stéphane Dion’s wife, Janine Krieber.
Wednesday saw Lindsay Kneteman defending the supposed vulgarity of election lawn signs (personally, I wouldn’t mind some colour brightening up my gray neighbourhood) and a great video about the possible ramifications that could come with cuts to arts funding:

Thursday had Dominique Jarry-Shore lamenting about the waning election enthusiasm, and that brings us to Friday (today) when yours truly criticized the seemingly bottomless pockets of the candidates.
And, for you loyal readers, here are a few election tidbits you may have missed:
Elizabeth May encourages strategic voting to keep Harper out of office
Harper rails on ‘gotcha journalism’
Jack Layton promises to clear guns off the city streets
Dion dumps a Winnipeg candidate over 9/11 comments
And for those of you who are getting sick of all this election talk, here are a few headlines that don’t mentioned the name ‘Harper.’
New York bank teller scares off robber by asking: ‘Are you serious?’
U.S. Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s face was carved into a cornfield maze
Vancouver police taser a teenager mother in Vancouver
Workers are more likely to lie in an email than in a hand-written note
Canada houses the world’s oldest rocks (seriously)
Babies are at a 10-year high in Canada
And, if you’re in Toronto this weekend, don’t forget to check out the Word on the Street festival this Sunday, which promises a “booklover’s paradise with a marketplace of more than 258 book and magazine exhibits, 248 of Canada’s top authors, poets, storytellers and presenters and 198 readings, performances, workshops and other events.”
And of course, This Magazine will be there.
Happy weekending.

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