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Bidini on Palin: The wrong kind of hockey mom

This Magazine Staff

Dave Bidini knows from hockey, that’s for certain. So when an opportunistic right-wing politician taints the sport’s good name by calling herself a hockey mom, Bidini has a response. In his latest column at, the response is clear: she’s not cut out to represent either hockey or America.

Palin’s comparison between being a hockey mom and a
pit bull was one brush stroke too many, an extra, glove-drunk gesture
to a hockey community that knows better. This is not to say that much
of the northern U.S., Canada and the NHL isn’t atwitter at seeing
mention of their game imbued in every American op-ed column, but the
very passion that produces such a fine game can also be its downfall.
As my wife–not so much a hockey mom as a hockey player–said after
hearing Palin’s “pit bull” comment: “It’s those pit bulls that we’re
trying to keep away from the rink.”

Read the whole column here.

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