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The Road

This Magazine Staff

Sometimes it’s very hard to describe something good in a way that makes it sound as good as it is. Usually, I find this happens with vegan food or sensual experiments with clothespins. This time — surprise, surprise! — it’s a doc, Corridor #8.
I don’t really know what to say. It’s documentary of the absurd. A road trip along a non-existent road the EU decided to build in 1997 (and that remains unbuilt) to connect Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania, three places that are still a little touchy about each other, it seems. The narrative is structured around the journey and the various people and landscapes we meet along the way. The images are beautifully and thoughtfully shot. The interviews range from extremely comic to bitterly sad. And the pace is pretty brisk.
But beyond these generalities, I struggle to recount the anecdotes without garbling them. So nothing.
This was the second and final showing of Corridor #8 and I’m not sure I’ll see it — or Albania — again. Thanks for everything.

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