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SPP Protest: Union Leader diffuses suspected provocateur

This Magazine Staff

Some of you might have heard that yesterday in Montebello, the president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union helped diffuse a situation where a rock-throwing protester attempted to breech the “green zone,” by pushing through a line of riot cops.
Dave Coles from CEP did in fact break-up a potential incident, but we’re pretty convinced that the “protestor” was actually a cop … Although we can’t confirm this for sure, we happened to have Paul Manly (a filmmaker) with us … he caught the whole thing and put it up on YouTube this morning. You’ll notice at the end of the scuffle that the cops just let him through, and the arrest appears to be staged … the other black-clad protesters in the crowd were convinced he was a cop. We suspect that he was a provocateur working for one of the security forces who was instructed to shake things up to justify the police response.
Dave Coles and Joel Harden from the CLC were AMAZING in diffusing the situation, saving families and grannies from getting tear-gassed:

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