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“Man, you’re gonna want in on this…”

This Magazine Staff

On my walk into work this morning through Toronto’s Entertaintainment District, I was barraged by a slew of posters promising the ultimate Man’s Night Out:

An exclusive evening out just for men—celebrating all the things us guys love most.
The latest gadgets. The hottest wheels. The best sports moments. The finest cigars, beers and scotches… and a handful of lovely ladies, of course! All this and more, including the ultimate in steak dinners! There’s no denying… It’s A Guy Thing.

On the event’s website, they target men of colour as well as white guys—all you need to feel welcome is an appreciation of fine cigars, and lovely ladies, of course!
The point of this hackneyed retread of the most predictable identifiers of gender and class? It’s an club night promoting the use of a new deodorant! Funny thing is, in the circles I run in, the light scent of fresh clean body odor is considered way more “manly” than any perfume used to mask it.
What gives me hope for the world is the fact most straight guys I know would probably feel just as alienated as I did by the weird “Boys’ Club” universe of this ad.

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