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This Magazine — Call for Submissions

Calling all writers: critics, commentators, essayists, troublemakers and political pundits — This Magazine wants you! We are looking for smart, quirky or fun pitches on political topics of national relevance. This Magazine articles are well researched, have a strong analysis at their core, and a Canadian angle. We welcome ideas for investigative features, literary non-fiction, politically oriented service journalism, essays, photo essays and arts and cultural analyses. Or, pitch a shorter piece for one of our departments.

Info on upcoming themes, department descriptions and instructions for submitting a query after the jump.

Editorial Calendar 2007 / 2008

July/August 07 — Rebellion
Pitch by: March 15
First draft deadline: April 15

Sept/Oct 07 — Israel
Pitch by: May 1
First-draft deadline: June 15

Nov/Dec (culture issue) — Theatre
Pitch by: July 1
First draft deadline: August 15

Jan/Feb 08 — Travel
Pitch by: Sept. 1
First draft deadline: Oct. 15

March/April 08 — Catastrophe
Pitch by: Oct. 15
First draft deadline: Dec. 1

May/June 08 — Business
Pitch by: Jan. 1
First draft deadline: Feb. 15

NOTE — We also welcome off-theme pitches on a continuous basis.

Submissions by Department


Editor: Wendy Glauser, news[at]

Know of a unique person or group who has organized and won a political victory, or is doing innovative social-justice related work? Send us your profile idea.
Word count: 550-600
Fee: $50*

Outraged by a little-known government policy? Or a particularly notable bit of corporate bad behaviour? We want your thoughtful, well-researched, bite-sized salvo here.
Word count: 300 – 350
Fee: $30

From questionable legal loopholes to products you thought were good for you but aren’t, use this space for your thematic list of little-known facts.
Word count: 200-250
Fee: $20

Whatever Happened To…?
From acid rain to brain drain, a brief investigation into the current status of a phenomenon we once heard a lot about but no longer do.
Word count: 200-250
Fee: $20


Have an idea that lends itself best to a combination of images and text? We want your pretty, political word/picture idea! (Illustration skills not required.)

Word count: 300-350 approx (1 page)
Fee: $35

It’s possible for a magazine with a three-month lead-time to do “news” when it’s underreported or ignored by mainstream press.
Word count: 200-500
Fee: $20-$50

A short, current-event related piece to point out something bizarre, scary, laughable or a combination of those things.
Word count: 50-100
Fee: $10

Editor: Jessica Johnston, editor[at]

A good This Magazine article offers background and context to ongoing Canadian issues, a challenge to the mainstream media perspective or an important story that hasn’t been told elsewhere. Subject matter includes the arts, culture, Canadian party politics/legislation, legal issues, labour, the environment, native affairs, social services, public policy, education, health care, foreign policy, race/racism, media, science, queer issues, feminism, with a focus on high-quality writing and in-depth research.

We strongly encourage new writers to begin with short pieces for our front section or arts section, rather than pitching features.

Word count: 1,500-6,000
Fee: Varies—typically $100-$300**


Editor: Ron Nurwisah, arts[at]

Introducing an independent artist from the field of music, theatre, dance, media, activism, visual art, or other fields not typically considered when thinking of “the arts.”
Word count: 400-500
Fee: $40

Arts Capsules
Mini profiles or reviews of independent artists or arts-related ventures.
Word count: 100-150
Fee: $20
Then & Now (back page)

A series of photos and captions that trace the history of a person, place or thing — from cell phones to politicians to universities.

Word count: 350
Fee: $35

Submitting Your Query

Please submit your proposal by email, along with a published writing sample or CV. The query should explain what you plan to cover, conveying your approach, tone and style, as well as your qualifications to write on the topic.

Please note: we do not accept unsolicited submissions, work that has been published elsewhere, queries currently under consideration by another publication, or unsolicited works of fiction and poetry.

By email:
This & That — news[at]
Features/Then & Now — editor[at]
Arts & Ideas — arts[at]

*This Magazine is an independent not-for-profit organization, and as we such rely on the generosity of our supporters and writers. A modest honorarium will be offered for all pieces commissioned.

**Additional funds sometimes available for investigative projects.**

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