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irony passes away at Chicago newsdesk — no-one notices

This Magazine Staff

As we all await Lord Black’s day in court (March 14th, or as I like to think of it , 3 days before Guinness Day), we sadly mourn the death of ironic comment and hope that Rick Mercer can do something to bring it back to life.
A while back, I posted here about a website set up to gather and express support for Conrad Black in his ongoing legal difficulties in the United States. I encouraged readers to go to the site and register their true feelings for Lord Black. I ended the call to arms by suggesting that all of us supporters of Lord Black would enjoy a bit of fox hunting at the trial’s end.
This past weekend, the Chicago Tribune quoted from my posting to make the point that “the fact that Black is out and about, holding his head up, is winning him some grudging respect.” Tribune staffer Susan Chandler writes:
Black also has garnered supporters in cyberspace. A recent post by “john_d” on a Canadian magazine blog asks if readers are “sick of how the United States is persecuting one of our best and brightest with a frivolous legal action inspired by little more than the inferiority complex of the common masses?” Then it urges them to “Stand up for Conrad Black.”
A public relations blogger in the U.S. declares “Conrad Black is my new anti-hero and favorite writer.”

I can’t believe the fox-hunting didn’t make it into the quote.
Edward Greenspan is a brilliant lawyer, and Lord Black’s campaign of innocence has been a marvel to watch. This should be almost as good as the March Madness college basketball tournament.
Thanks to D.B. Scott for pointing out the Tribune article. D.B.reads an awful lot.

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