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RRSPs that make a difference

This Magazine Staff

I don’t know much about this stuff — is tomorrow the last day to get RRSPs and apply the tax breaks to your 2006 return or something? I tend to tune out the RRSP hard sell that goes on this time of year, simply because I don’t trust banks.

That said, it appears Citizens Bank is now offering an investment I can get fully behind. They call it the Shared World Term Deposit, and it pools your RRSP-eligible money into a fund that is loaned to low-income earners in developing countries. The Globe and Mail wrote about it recently (subscription required), as did a micro-finance blog called micro capital, and I bought one when I discovered I had a bond that matured recently.

Those of you who know about these things: Is this a reasonable investment, given that I care as much about what is done with the money I invest as I do about the return?

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