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Backing the Con(rad)

This Magazine Staff

Sick of how the United States is persecuting one of our best and brightest with a frivolous legal action inspired by little more than the inferiority complex of the common masses?
It’s time to stand up for Conrad Black.
Visit and leave your message of support beside those of David Frum, Baroness Thatcher, Michael Coren, Christie Blatchford (yes, Christie Blatchford), and Mark Steyn.
After this ridiculous trial is over and Lord Black is vindicated, we’re all going fox hunting.
Thanks to the Canadian Magazines blog for the tip. And if you have a few days to kill, you might want to read Books in Canada’s book-length defence of Black, Auto da Fe: Conrad Black, Corporate Governance, and the End of Economic Man, and/or the Dooney’s Cafe rebuttal by Brian Fawcett and Stan Persky.
Wow, that’s a lot of words about one guy. And I’m betting it’s just the preface.
I love that Canada is having an in-depth intelligent conversation about all this.

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