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grinch time

This Magazine Staff

The Toronto CBC morning radio show, Metro Morning, featured an interview with two women this morning on the topic of “Why are wives and girlfirends so difficult to buy gifts for?” The real subject was “Why are men so bad at buying gifts for women?”
One woman told a story about how a former boyfriend drove her from Toronto to New Brunswick so she could spend Christmas with her family when she thought she wouldn’t be able to do so. He did all the driving, through snow, and paid for the whole trip. She said “If you ask him, he’d say that trip was my gift,” and then she proceeded to complain that all he had wrapped up for her was a pair of gloves. What did she get him? An MP3 player she had asked his entire family to go in on.
Gawd, men are pigs, aren’t they? I mean, gloves? That’s what, like, chauffeurs wear, isn’t it?
I so love holiday “journalism.”
Bah, humbug.

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