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Streets to screens

This Magazine Staff

Time to give you Film Clubbers a fix while we get the club back up and running (expect a return in November, by the way). If you’re in or around the Toronto area, the Toronto Public Space Committee’s Streets to Screens project has two Canadian premieres this Thursday for their Transit Tales night. The first is Contested Streets: Breaking New York City Gridlock, an effort to explore how best to reclaim New York’s public space from the tyrrany of the car. The film looks to London, Paris and elsewhere for ideas, and surely has some lessons for sprawling, auto-centric Canadian cities. The second film is a short called A Conversation with Enrique Penalosa, in which the former mayor of Bogota, Columbia, is asked about his commitment to making his city more bicycle-friendly. Following the screening will be a panel discussion on issues around gridlock.
Screenings will take place at Toronto’s Bloor Cinema at 7 p.m.

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