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deutschland uber nichts

This Magazine Staff

The Times of London has run a weirdly triumphant account of Germany’s loss to Italy in yesterday’s World Cup semifinal match in Dortmund:
Doubts voiced about World Cup boost for host country
I’ll admit to being a fan of Germany — the soccer Germany (and, in all honesty, the beer Germany, sausage Germany and literature Germany as well). Maybe it’s time for the British press to stop suggesting that I should be slightly sheepish about doing so. You know, what with Germany’s history and all… ahem, you know what we mean, right?
The World Cup has broken through 60 years of German inhibition about openly demonstrating national sentiment. The flag has been displayed everywhere, from shops to trams and underwear. Germans have started to belt out the national anthem without stumbling over the words.
But the question has always been: what will happen to this seemingly new national confidence if the team fails to become world champion?
Erm… I dunno England. How do you blokes deal with it?

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