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Concentrate, now, concentrate!

This Magazine Staff

The Nation magazine will print in its July 3 issue an updated chart detailing media concentration in the U.S., which of course spills over to affect Canadian news audiences on a daily basis. Follow the link and download the PDF to see who owns what news outlets. Heck, why not print it out and post it on your fridge or in your office as a friendly reminder and conversation piece?
In related news, the Canadian Senate’s report on the state of Canada’s media is set to be released today, and while CanWest’s David Asper has called for greater consolidation of media, the report will recommend a revamping of the Competition Act to require an automatic review of news media ownership when one proprietor’s holdings exceed a certain percentage of a single market’s audience.
However, given the history of Parliament ignoring recommendations from Senate reports, expect media ownership in Canada to continue reaching concentration levels close to that in the U.S.

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