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Fragging conservatives

This Magazine Staff

Editor and publisher weighs in today on the (latest) Ann Coulter controversy with an interesting editorial on how conservatives like Coulter can demonstrably go much further over the line than progressives without jeapordizing their jobs or their audience.
As long as Coulter jokes about killing people in her books and on TV, her column is in no jeapardy. Universal Press Syndicate, which distributes her column, says “the syndicate is only concerned about “what is in the columns that we distribute.””
Another Universal creator, liberal editorial cartoonist Ted Rall, was hurt financially by fallout from a 2002 cartoon that lost him the as well as work at Men’s Health magazine due to right-wing bloggers “flooding that site”. “In the end, Rall figures the backlash cost him $40,000 to $50,000 in business.”

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