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Canadian Copyright Alright?

This Magazine Staff

Michael Geist secures an advanced copy of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s study to the Canadian economic impact of the copyright industries. Suprising to the recording industry’s hypothesis, the study’s findings contradict the long held assumption that Canadian copyright industry (defined in the report as music, movies, radio, television, publishing, theatre, software, and advertising services) should be overhauled to emulated the American reforms “in order to acheive economic success”.
In fact, the study shows in recent years, the Canadian copyright industries have outperformed the U.S. with respect to growth rates and contribution to national employment.
Geist concludes “With the economic success of copyright industries, the strong Canadian performance in comparison to the U.S., and the exciting economic growth of the sound recording sector, this Canadian Heritage-commissioned study may leave Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda and Industry Canada Minister Maxime Bernier wondering why there is any reason to mess with a Canadian success story.”

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