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It’s harder than programming a VCR

This Magazine Staff

A California politician has introduced legislation to deny Tom Cruise the right to purchase any more radiographic equipment. Ted Lieu believes Cruise went too far in purchasing an ultrasound to monitor the TomKitten’s development and that unqualified people shouldn’t have access to equipment that could potentially harm them or others. Cruise recently quipped (glibly?) on the very uncontroversial Diane Sawyer interview that he’d “read the manual” and that “pregnant” Katie was hooked up to it 24/7.
Congressman Lieu says “if someone sees Tom Cruise buy one, they think this is the right thing to do,” and that we might see copycat fans snapping up ultrasounds and sonograms. I doubt that, but it’s good to see some sensible reaction after all the chatter on the celeb gossip sites.
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