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Loney’s tale

This Magazine Staff

The story of former Iraq hostage James Loney just gets interestinger and interestinger. Homosexuality and the role of the press are now major issues in the tale, joining pacifism and the role of Canadian authorities in the hostage rescue. Among the details revealed today: Loney’s sexual orientation was kept a secret for fears it would put him at greater risk from his captors — likely adherents to shariah law, which harshly punishes homosexuals; Loney’s partner endured a unique hardship by being unable to disclose the nature of their relationship; and Toronto urban weekly NOW agreed to a Christian Peacemaker Teams request to pull from its online archives a story in which Loney disclosed his sexuality.

It’s a rare case when pulling an article from public access can be so easily (and of course, rightly) justified. Can anyone think of other scenarios?


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