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OMG, Conservatives are right — taxes are bad!

This Magazine Staff

Check out this great graphic I noticed on Boing Boing, detailing where the United States budget, as controlled by Congress, goes, exactly. Simple and elegant. The size of the circle represents the amount of money (in billions) devoted to each program and/or weapons system.
Let’s apply Stephen Harper’s logic to this graphic. Instead of the US government spending .780 billion on its Trident ballistic missile program, shouldn’t each of the 350 million Americans instead be given $2.20 to spend on whatever missile system they prefer? Surely they wouldn’t spend that money on beer and popcorn, not when the fate of democracy hangs in the balance.
So that’s 780 million bucks on Trident missiles (just one of at least 32 defense-oriented spending streams outlined on the chart), and 450 million for the Global AIDS Initiative. The President’s office spends 342 million on… itself.
Here’s the link.

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