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google=orwell’s napoleon. discuss.

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An entry on the Galt Global Review today compares google’s flip-flop on censorship to Orwell’s Animal Farm. The thesis is:

Google @ Animal Farm
by Peter Meingast
Then: “Google does not censor the results for any search term”
Now: “It is Google’s policy not to censor search results. However, in response to local laws, regulations or policies, we may do so.”
For those among us who have not read G. Orwell’s, Animal Farm, the major themes comprise:
1) The nature of tyranny and the insatiable lust for power that tyranny incurs.
2) The roles and attitudes of various groups of people who enable tyrants to rise to power, among the most common: the apolitical; the devoted; the cynic’s dismissal of facts; and the lobbyist’s particularism which prevents the linking of a series of events into a whole reality.

Read the entire salvo here.
The piece is an interesting read, if only to re-familiarize yourself with the finer points of Orwell’s masterful “children’s” novel. Considering it came to my inbox courtesy of the Galt, which normally sends me tips on managing my staff, is another thing entirely.

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