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Crossing the Line?

This Magazine Staff

So it seems Ezra Levant’s Western Standard will boldly go where the ROC’s mainstream media have refused to go (other than editorially) and will print the controversial Danish anti-prophet-Mohammed cartoons in their upcoming issue.
While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive by mail, or searching for your newsstand copy (futilely, at many indie bookstores), I encourage you to (re)read Bill Reynold’s epic, award-winning essay “Crossing the Line”, where he asks:
Is it still okay to make inappropriate comments publicly without fear — things people might not want to hear, but should?
Which is to say, there is a time and place for dissent. Is WS’s move a free speech parley, or simply a Rebel Sell (TM)?
In other news, I’m pretty sure that ad for their libranos T on the main page has a copyright infringment on it (Wear your politics on your sleeve). We always knew the Report/Standard was our separated-at-birth-right-wing-twin, but come on.

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