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And Tauren was born, like her mother in a storm.

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Lawmakers in South Dakota overwhelmingly approved legislation Thursday that would prohibit almost all abortions in the state. House Bill 1215 passed 47-22, after representatives voted against inserting amendments that would exempt women impregnated as the result of rape or incest. The bill, which now goes to the state Senate, makes an exception if the women’s life is in danger.

Representative Roger Hunt (R-Brandon), the chief sponsor of the South Dakota bill, said the timing is right for the “Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act,” in the wake of the new Supreme Court appointments: conservatives John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

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And even creepier!

Rep. Kraus was asked about the $1 million which has been offered by an anonymous donor to the general fund to help pay for the expected legal battle to defend HB 1215. Kraus said the donation is completely legal, but that she and even Rep. Roger Hunt (R-Brandon), the sponsor of the bill, did not know the identity of the donor. She did say, however, that she understands the offer is legitimate.

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Indiana women seeking an abortion would be told life begins at conception under a proposal that would give the state one of the furthest-reaching abortion consent laws in the country.

The Indiana bill also would require abortion providers to tell women that a fetus may be able to feel pain. Such notice is required in Arkansas, Georgia and Minnesota, but those states specify that it applies to fetuses at 20 weeks gestation or later, while Indiana’s proposal does not specify a gestation period.

Doctors also must offer to show women an ultrasound of the fetus.

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