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Yay, democracy

This Magazine Staff

I can think of better results for yesterday’s election, but this one will do.
The Liberals needed to go. Martin needed to go. I’ve said before, it would be tough for a Conservative party to NOT beat the Liberals in their current state.
Prime Minister-elect Harper seems well aware of the constraints on his power, and refreshingly open to some tough parliamentary work in the coming months and years — hopefully years.
As to the NDP, it’s tough to be disappointed with a bunch of new seats and a continued rise in the popular vote. That said, serious questions remain for the party. When you work a campaign like the one in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, you see the on-the-ground evidence of just how tough it is to take the centre away from the Liberal party. There will be no federal NDP government until they manage to do that, because Canada is not moving further left anytime soon.
More later.

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