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a sphincter says what?

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Oooh — Buzz Hargrove endorses permanent Liberal rule. Oooh — he calls on Quebecers to vote for the Bloc. Oooh — he says lots of other stupid things. Oooh — watch the mainstream media get all woozy.
Give me a break. Buzz Hargrove said all of this, and many other stupid things, on NATIONAL FREAKING RADIO — almost two months ago. As reported by me, here.
Not that it required any great journalistic skills, requiring merely that I have a) ears and b) a radio. Andrew Coyne was paying attention. Judging by the absence of comments here or anywhere else in the media at the time, no one else seemed to think that the head of the CAW endorsing separatism was all that big a deal.
Hi everyone!

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