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Happy New (ish) Year

This Magazine Staff

Influence peddling, money laundering, corrupt politicians. Does this have anything to do with Judge Gomery and our current election? Sure it does, but I’m actually talking about Jack Abramoff, the American lobbyist who is right now cutting a deal with prosecutors, which will involve a lot of names named and careers tanked, mostly on the Republican side of the aisle down there in creaky, unstable Washington. Wait, I mean vital and vibrant Washington. Nothing proves the vitality of a democracy like the efficacy of its federal prosecutors!

Fallout please? Well, in Canada we may just put the same jokers right back into power. In the States, it’s also an election year. Who knows, by this time next year, North American voters may have set a new standard for political responsibility. Um, look down if you want to see it.

Maybe Bolivia for a vacation this year.

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